My New Look Blog!

Yes, it’s here! I’d been toying with the idea of a redesign for a while, 3 or 4 months, and I finally decided to take the plunge. I knew what I did and didn’t like, though those thoughts were not entirely coherent! Oh my poor, poor designer, Jen at Magic Feathers Designs (@MFDblogdesigns)!


I knew I wanted it to feel quite neat and sleek, as well as being colours, fonts and style that I love, and have something representative of the blog. Not easy to do, but I have been so impressed with and delighted by Jen – she’s done it! I absolutely love it.

As it’s a WordPress blog, Jen does all of the designing and has sent me over the header, in various sizes for use across social media, too, the social icons, banners and little logos etc. I then got it all uploaded and integrated into the blog, which at the start of the evening felt difficult, but I soon found myself sorting it out! If you’re on Blogger, Jen can install it all, too.

I’m so happy with it! I love the little book and pen house (or residence!), which is also my favicon – something I’d never got round to sorting on my old design. And the colour combination is a favourite of mine. It all makes me smile. I’ve then also changed the WordPress theme I use to give it a further refresher, and I think it’s all come together rather nicely. I just want to sit and look at it, but I suppose I’d best get writing…!

So, if you’ve been toying with giving your blog a facelift, I can heartily recommend using Magic Feathers Designs and I hope you have fun with it!

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55 thoughts on “My New Look Blog!”

  1. Lisa from Lisa's Life

    Only on my phone so can’t see the full effect yet, but, I REALLY love the new logo! Fab stuff, have fun with it 🙂 x

  2. Bonjour Jocelyn – I echo what others have said about your design but can I make an point. Whilst the colours are lovely I find them very hard to read – the pale colours put a strain on my eyes, especially the pale green and I really have to look hard to read the pale pink. I think anyone with slightly ageing eyes may well agree with me …. or maybe not – parhaps I just need another trip to the opticians!

  3. Love the new look it looks fab 🙂 The colours & font are great. Mine has only recently been done as a new blog but I’m already thinking of how I would change it in the future 🙂 x #AllAboutYou

  4. It looks great! I’m so envious as I want to give my blog a facelift but I need to find the time to play around with it, fortunately Hubs and friends are in the industry so are ready to make the changes, I just need to make up my mind about what I want!

    1. Thank you. Oh, hope you can make your mind up then. I just came up with vague ideas, and then luckily Jen turned them into something fab!

  5. Fab new design! The colours are beautiful, the style chic and sleek and the house of books with the pen chimney: adorable! x Mel

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