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New Patreon Benefits!

Today I am excited to be sharing some news about my Patreon memberships, as I have been busy working on some new benefits for our #bringbackpaper members! 

I love our Patreon memberships. It’s fun to get creative with them every month and we’ve got a lovely group of papery people.

If you’ve not seen this before, the memberships offer a range of papery benefits currently, and there are 4 different tiers to choose from.

All tiers include:

 – downloadable writing paper every month – both lined and blank pages. 

 – the chance to join the ongoing pen pal sign up

 – a digital BBP print

 – discount to my Etsy store

 – a lucky dip to receive snail mail.

The next tier up has the added and very popular benefit of being able to join in with monthly activities. 

The next 2 tiers then offer happy mail and stationery mail from me each month. 

Bring Back Paper Memberships

I enjoy preparing my mail for members, I like to think up and arrange the activities each month, it’s fun to spot new pen pal matches and I love designing the writing paper ready for every month.

With all of this in mind, I have decided that I want to spend more time developing the memberships, growing them and dedicating more of my time and resources to it. I figure that if I enjoy it now, I will only enjoy it more if I get to spend more time on it! 

This can all only be a win for you papery folks, as it’s my plan to simply add more benefits to the memberships. I won’t be taking anything away from them. 

Of course, postage costs have been increasing, but I want to keep offering my mailing Patrons all that I do now, so I am trying to resist those postage increases! What I can do, is offer more benefits, from Tier 1 upwards, that are time costly, but postage free! 

Bring Back Paper Happy Mail Parcel

So now that you see what I’m trying to do, let’s chat about the new benefits, all on top of the existing benefits…

For Tier 1

NEW Monthly Exclusive Download Sheet – this might be mail tags, planner sheets, mail art décor, digital products.
NEW Monthly ‘Sneak Peek’ – this might be behind the scenes, a new creative project I’m working on, a moment in my day etc.
NEW Monthly Downloadable Print

What’s the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2?

It’s the chance to get papery with us! 

Tier 2 memberships include all Tier 1 benefits, along with the option to join in with Patreon exclusive activities each month. 

Every month I give members the option of 3 different activities and they vote on their favourite. 

I then arrange a papery activity, and it’s usually some sort of themed swap that wins the poll.

For example, this month is an animal-themed swap, and we’ve had things like a Spring Swap, a Sticker Stash Swap, a Halloween Swap, a Secret Santa Swap, all sorts of things! 

And of course, those in Tiers 3 and 4 receive all of these new extra benefits, access to the monthly activities and then their chosen tier of mailing from me. 

Fun, right?

You can read more about them all and sign up here.

Signing up is quick and easy to do, and you can select to pay monthly or annually for a discount.

You are free to upgrade tiers or cancel at any time, so it’s very flexible.

Why be a Patreon?

It’s for those of us who want to support all things #bringbackpaper. It’s for those of us who want to take some time regularly for ourselves, our little snippets of ‘me time’. It’s for those of us keen to keep ‘paper’ in our lives as we know it brightens our days. 

And it’s for those of us who like to treat ourselves to new paper every now and then as you’ll be getting writing paper, a print and an extra download sheet included every month, all that can be printed over and over again!

Why join today?

This month only, all new members (and existing Patrons) will receive my Cosy Pen Pal Fun Pack completely free! I’ll pop it over on my Patreon site for you to grab and download it as soon as you have joined. 

This offer will end 30th September 2022. Don’t miss it! 

I love my Patreon memberships. Can you tell? It’s a way for me to do more, for more of you. It’s a way for me to do more of what I love. I am hoping it’s a win win all round! 

What do you think? Come join in

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