New Year Thoughts

Happy New Year, everyone!

How are we all feeling going into 2023?

I’m not a fan of New Year and rarely stay up to see it in, but the kids wanted to stay up this year so I did see midnight. And the problem with that is it makes you acutely aware of the New Year and gets you reflecting on last year, and others, and the coming year. I tend to prefer just going to bed as usual and waking up and it’s just another day!

Yet here we are, a few days into 2023, so I thought I’d take a moment to stop and think about the year ahead. 

I don’t make resolutions, instead I think about how I’d like the year to look or feel. 

My word of the year is going to be ‘entertaining’.

I want a light hearted and fun year, for me and our family. 

My daughter and I have declared this our year of live music and it’s starting to shape up well for us. 

We do spend a fair bit of time lurking our favourite artists’ socials for new music and tours, and it makes us very happy to do so. 

We’ve new music coming that we’re excited about and several concerts and theatre trips booked in. 

Whilst the Husband and our son do enjoy music, they definitely favour sports so we’ll be ensuring plenty of sport to entertain them this year.

We bought Little Man a season ticket for the Bears at Edgbaston, we’ve booked an England IT20 game for his birthday and they have tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters. 

It’s a good start for them, and I am sure there’ll be plenty more sporting fun to entertain them this year. 

Work needs to engage and entertain me, it keeps me motivated. 

I will be setting some fresh work goals and ideas are beginning to form. 

Of course, I have been writing things down as everything seems better when it’s on paper. You know me!

I think most of my focus will be on work for the next few weeks as I get back into the swing of things and develop new ideas. 

As I want to focus there, I’ve learned not to add too much more as it’ll probably just fall by the wayside. 

I love change, I like new things, I like multitasking and whilst these facets of my personality can be helpful, at times they can mean I try to take on too many new things all in one go and then struggle to sustain many of them. I have been there! 

The goal is to change a few things work wise. I’ve several things I’d like to do, so I’ve started on that list and will make that my January priority. It should keep me busy and distracted from the fact that it’s January.

I don’t enjoy January. I am a summer person, and dark cold days are about as far away from sunshine and heat as you can get.

In addition to throwing myself into projects, I have learned over the years to make plans to look forward to in January to keep me happy and upbeat, so I have done that again this year.

This month, my daughter and I have a concert towards the end of the month and we’ve a trip lined up one weekend. It’ll be something of a musical pilgrimage for her and it’ll be a day out to look forward to. 

My son is quite content because cricket training is back and he’s started weekly coaching and as long as he has sport, he’s happy. I mean, the transfer window is enough to engage him all month!

I am also continuing with my walking challenges, that I started this time last year.

I’ve written about these before, and there is no doubt that they lift my mood and make the winter much brighter for me. 

Having barely moved over the Christmas holidays, I am back into it now, walking several miles a day, and feeling better for it. I completed two challenges in 2022 and I am currently making my way around Iceland, a walk of 828 miles. 

I’ve a few trips and concerts to look forward to throughout the year, so seeing those on my calendar is lifting my mood. I think by the end of this month, I’ll have booked in a few more fun things too, for us all to look forward to. 

January is the month for booking fun things in, isn’t it? I mean, the month needs lifting up! And if the year is to be entertaining, I need to get making those plans. 

What are your New Year thoughts?






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