Nice and Cosy Guinea Pigs

Our newest additions to the family arrived last month, our baby guinea pigs Jessie and Leia. Of course we want to look after them and treat them to nice things, and having spotted some fleecy cosies and blankets, I liked the idea of them having some and thanks to the lovely team at Ziggy’s Piggies, they now do.

It would be fair to say that they absolutely love them! We have a lap pad, a tunnel, a snuggle sack and a cuddle cup. Even the names of these things sound sweet and cosy, don’t they?

We introduced them to them when they were playing in their outside pen and they soon made themselves at home…

Ziggy's Piggies Cosies

As well as providing comfortable places for our guinea pigs to relax and play, I wanted these products to make it easier for the children to sit and stroke them. Jessie and Leia get a bit fidgety on their little laps, as I guess they don’t feel totally secure (probably rightly!) and their claws can be a bit scratchy. I wanted the piggies to feel comfortbale enough to snuggle up with them, and hoped that these cosies would allow them to relax on them. Oh, they most certainly do…

Ziggy's Piggies Guinea Pigs in Cosies

Jessie was laid out practically flat and purring, with no sign of ever wanting to move! Leia just snuggled on up in her little tunnel and was perfectly content.

Ziggy's Piggies Cosies cuddling

As well as the range of products, which also includes houses and pigloos, I love the fabric choices, all bright and fun, and totally girly for our baby sows.

I’ve washed these twice now, and they are coming out holding their shape well, and as they’re predominantly fleece, they dry really quickly, too, which is very handy. They do come with care instructions, advising that they reach their full absorbency after 3-5 washes, and not to wash with fabric softener as that will create a water barrier.

I am so glad that we now have these, and I can see us getting some more of the range soon, too. It’s clear to me that our guinea pigs really enjoy snuggling into them, and they definitely make it easier for the kids to have them on their laps, with Jessie and Leia perfectly content to stay on them for quite a long time. I’m so glad that I found these, and that they’re so beautifully made.

Ziggy’s Piggies can be found over on Facebook, and they are busy coming up with new designs all of the time. All orders are sent out within 5 working days, and of course though the business was inspired by Ziggy’s own search for good quality affordable guinea pig snuggle sacks, they suit other rodents, too!

Do you have pets that would like these?

Disclosure: I received the products FOC for the purposes of this review, though all words and opinions remain my own


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