Night-Time Adventures with Energizer

Over the weekend, as we were out in the garden enjoying Bonfire Night, we decided that it would be the perfect time for the kids to take part in a few night time adventures. The team over at Energizer® had sent us a box full of goodies as they are helping to power family time with a range of batteries and headlamps all ready for adventures. They are also currently working with The Secret Life of Pets, offering chances to win plush toys on their promotional packs, so as well as a whole bundle of headlamps and torches, the kids were thrilled to receive their very own toys and pyjamas to go out onto their adventures with.


So within moments of opening the box up, they were kitted out in their new PJs, plush toys in hand, torches and night vision goggles at the ready!


Off into the garden we went with our own Energizer® personalised map. It was filled with challenges, such as looking up at the night sky and drawing what you can see and looking under leaves and pebbles to find night time creatures. My personal favourite adventure was to listen out for night-time critters and write down which you can hear. Well, all we could hear were fireworks going off all around us, but the kids were still sure that they heard foxes, owls and even wolves?!





Boo was so proud of her completed adventures map, taking care to fill it all in as we walked around the garden. The headlamps were surprisingly powerful for such small, light torches, which made it easy for her to see what she was doing. My favourite moment was when Little Man looked up at the sky and just said ‘wow, what beautiful stars’ with such wonderment in his voice. It was sweet to see how much the kids got from going out there and how very excited they were about it all they were.

The kids are rarely out after dark, so this in itself was an experience for them and one that we’ll now be keen to repeat. Having their very own headlamps meant that they were happy that they could wander about out there and see where they were going, as well as feeling like spies!

I have to be honest and say I’d not really appreciated the range that Energizer® have on offer, but it’s as though now we have them, how did we live without them?! The Husband wore a headlamp and carried the compact lantern whilst on fireworks duty on Saturday night and both were just perfect for that. He’s already thought about how handy they’ll be when going into the loft to get the Christmas decorations down next month, too. The children want to use them all of the time, of course, little do they realise that Daddy wants them all now!

As mentioned, Energizer® has teamed up with The Secret Life of Pets. You can pick up a special promo pack from major participating retailers for a chance to win a plush toy for your own secret adventures at home. Little Man and Boo have taken theirs everywhere with them since they arrived here, and they are just the right size for little ones to cuddle up to. They adore them.

Would your children enjoy having their very own night time adventures?

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with Energizer®

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