Noa & Nani Sleep Station Cabin Bed Review

Boo has been asking for a new bed for some time. She was still in her first bed, which was one of those toddler beds that extended to a full size bed. It served her well for seven years, but it wasn’t as wide as a normal single bed and she wanted a change. She had her eye on bunk beds or cabin beds, so we got in touch with the lovely team over at Noa & Nani as we worked with them before on Little Man’s bed, a bed that we still love. They offered us some guidance on the best beds to go for to suit us and, after much debate, Boo chose this Sleep Station Cabin Bed. So let me share all about it in this, our Noa & Nani Sleep Station Cabin Bed review, from the build to how it’s designed to our verdict.

The Sleep Station Cabin Bed Build

The build is always the most daunting part of getting new furniture, isn’t it? And I have to say, as this one has quite a few components, we were expecting the worst! The bed arrived in 5 separate boxes. All were well-packaged and the Husband was able to carry them all upstairs easily, so none were overly heavy or cumbersome. Do note that a mattress is not supplied with this bed, but you can add one to your order easily, so that will likely give you one more box.

We assembled the main bed frame first and this was the trickiest part. It is definitely a two person job, and I would recommend power tools for the whole build otherwise it is going to take a long time screwing everything in by hand. With the frame in place, we then moved on to the two cubed units and then finally the desk. All in all, it took the two of us three hours to assemble everything. This included a few pauses to debate where we wanted everything to go, as there is a fair amount of flexibility in this build, as you’ll see in the design section below.

I would say that the the instructions were relatively clear, and we managed it all with no mistakes, but there were a few discussions over what it was the diagram was telling us to do. All parts were accurately supplied, down to the very last screw.

The Sleep Station Cabin Bed Design

One of my very favourite things about this bed is the flexibility that you have with the design. You can see how it’s built in the Noa & Nani image at the top there, and then notice that ours is a little different. You can also choose to put the ladders on the left or right, to suit you. The storage cubes are on wheels, so can be moved into whatever position you want them to be in. They are not integral to the bed, so they could even go on the other side of the bedroom if that suits you better. The desk is screwed onto the bed so that it can slide in and out, and as you can see from Boo’s bed, you can place that anywhere that you like.

We moved ours towards the middle as we wanted the cubes at the foot of the bed and then with the ladder the other end, it would have blocked the desk from coming out. This way is perfect for Boo’s bedroom and offers us storage and space just as we want it.

Boo actually has a desk already, so this part of the bed is a bonus, and the kids love pulling it out and sitting either side of it together, something they can’t do with their own desks. I have also seen it being used as a counter at a shop/office/cafe – yes, imaginary play is big on our house! I do like that in addition to the desk top, is has useful shelving down the side, and along with the pink throw that they have added, it all serves to cover up the ‘den’ underneath the bed.

The cubes have given us 8 new shelves to store Boo’s belongings, and as you can see, she has chosen to have one of the cube systems inside her den, so that she has everything she wants to hand when she crawls under her bed. I believe she has made an activity shelf in there, so I might well lose her to her bed for hours at a time now! Behind that pull out desk is a lot of space, that is now filled with (too many) cuddly toys and a few other boxes of toys. We have managed to fit loads underneath there, and the kids can still fit underneath the bed to play. If you don’t need to store as much as us (or your child isn’t addicted to collecting and keeping cuddly toys) then there’ll be a lot of room for your children to relax underneath, you could perhaps pop a bean bag in and make a lovely reading nook.

The Sleep Station Cabin Bed Verdict

From my point of view, I am now all about cabin beds. I was initially cautious of getting one as I imagined that it would take over the room and make it look smaller. In actual fact, because of all of the storage space that it offers, a lot of Boo’s books, toys and belongings have now fit into or underneath the bed, so I think that it has actually made the room look larger.

With it being so high up, I no longer get to sit and chat to her on her bed, or lie with her to read her bedtime stories, which initially made me sad. But, we have bought a fun little lamp to put underneath the bed, so we now crawl under here for stories and chats, and they feel even more special in the den.

The bed itself feels sturdy and well-made, and I think it looks gorgeous. Time will tell how long and well it lasts, but I can say that Little Man’s Noa & Nani bed is still in great condition, four years on, so hopefully this one will hold up well.

I guess that the only opinion that truly matters here is Boo’s. And she LOVES it. In actual fact, she has declared that she now has the best bed in the world, even better than the Queen’s, or so I am told. I just can’t see the Queen climbing ladders to bed, though, so I suppose she’ll just have to settle for what she has!

Noa & Nani have a huge range of children’s beds available (along with plenty of other furniture), and all come with free delivery. Would your kids like something like this?

Disclosure: We were sent this bed free of charge in exchange for our honest review

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6 thoughts on “Noa & Nani Sleep Station Cabin Bed Review”

  1. What a fantastic looking bed.
    I think the worst part for something like this is putting it together but it sounds like it was simple enough. It looks like a fantastic space saver. No wonder Boo loves it x

  2. I’ve got to be honest – I kind of want one of these for myself! It looks so handy, with the pull out desk and has so much storage space. I LOVE the little den the most, though and I would have done anything for a little space like that to read in when I was a kid. She must be over the moon!

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