Do Not Forget!!!

duracellWhat am I on about? I’m saying please do not forget….the batteries!

Oh yes, the present that your little one has looked forward to for weeks in hopeful anticipation. You see it being unwrapped, you delight in seeing their joyful face, and then….uh-oh…batteries not included. The joy soon turns to tears! And even if you’ve got it all covered yourself, chances are someone will buy them a gift that needs batteries, so you’re still done for!

How many times has this happened to you?

Apparently, 89% of UK children have received a battery operated toy at Christmas with batteries not included, whilst 71% of parents admitted that they have forgotten to buy those all-important batteries! Nooo!

I’m a little obsessed with this one, I have to admit. Back in our child-free days we probably had a packet or two lurking about the house. We only needed them for remote controls and the like, whereas now, now we need a whole drawer devoted to them! In the run up to Christmas, I pop a pack of batteries in my shopping most weeks so that we are prepared. The kids have had some toys over the years that seem to just eat them, too, so I like to have a good stock of them on hand. I know I’d also feel awful if they unwrapped a new toy, got really excited and then we couldn’t get it going.

So yes, this is my little reminder to you…..

don't forget the batteries

Disclosure: Post written in collaboration with Duracell

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6 thoughts on “Do Not Forget!!!”

  1. See, this is why I’m the best Auntie in the world ever…if a toy doesn’t have batteries included I add them to the parcel! 🙂 This method has also backfired after ordering my dad something and getting the batteries only for the thing to never arrive and leave me stuck with packets of batteries that don’t fit anything we have…yet!

    Good reminder 🙂 x

  2. As I’ve been wrapping the presents I’ve been taking notes of what size and how many batteries I need…..Not too many this year actually….

    There is a deal on at Poundland at the moment if you spend £3 you can get 12 Duracell batteries for £3! Bargain 😀

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