A Note From The Blue

Well. the weeks are just whizzing round, aren’t they? And as it’s Wednesday, it means that it’s all about #BringBackPaper here today. With just over a week left of this month, there’s still time to join in with the bookswap, and if you have signed up for it, do make sure you’ve posted your book! And as next week will be the last Wednesday of the month, it means it’ll be the Papery Peep linky, so if you fancy sharing any new stationery hauls, current reading piles, bookish day trips, anything at all papery, then get ready to link up for that.

Onto today’s post, and I’m featuring a guest piece, from the lovely Louise who blogs over at LiquoriceUK

A Note from the Blue

There’s just something about getting a letter in the post. A lovely hand-written newsy letter in amongst the bills. Sitting down with a cup of tea and reading the words of a friend who has taken the time to sit and write can make the whole day seem brighter.

Now imagine walking round the supermarket on a busy day. The kids are grumbling, you’re stressed and tired and life just seems a bit of an uphill climb for the moment. As you scan your list and reach out for the tin of baked beans, you see the envelope on top. The writing says it’s for you – yes, you. The one who just picked that envelope up. You’re probably slightly wary but curiosity makes you open it.

A note written on a pretty card. Dear Friend… the writer starts. There are words of encouragement, words of love. The person who has written it wants you to know that you are a beautiful and unique person. That even though life can be hard and a struggle, they have thought of you with love today and want you to be encouraged. You can do it! They believe in you and hope that this letter will help you to keep smiling through and they send it to you with ‘love from me x’. And at the bottom in small writing you see written ‘moreloveletters.com

I first came across moreloveletters.com several months ago when I took part in 40acts – a Lent project which challenges participants to undertake one generous act for each day of Lent. Act 19 – Don’t Hold Back The Wonderful – was to leave a note of encouragement in a random place for a stranger to find. It was an idea that really appealed to me – sharing some positivity and hopefully making someone else’s day a little brighter as a result.

Since leaving that first little note back in March, I have continued with the challenge to share some love and encouragement with a complete stranger and left a few more cards here and there. Somehow writing to a stranger allows me to be more open and the words seem to flow easily. Hopefully they brought a smile to the face of whoever found them.

We all need some love and encouragement sometimes. So why not pick up a pen, find a pretty piece of notepaper or a card and go and share some love with those around you?

A note from the blue

Thank you, Louise, and what a lovely thing to be doing! This is so #BringBackPaper, it’s brilliant! Anyone else going to give this a whirl?

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15 thoughts on “A Note From The Blue”

  1. This is such a lovely idea – and something I’ve never heard of. It’s like a ‘hug’ from within a card found in the most unusual of places which will only make you smile. How lovely x

  2. I love this post and the sentiment behind it although I think if I found a random letter addressed ‘to me’ in the supermarket I’d find it just a tad creepy…! x

  3. I love that too! I received a letter and a parcel you would have appreciated today! It included a book to put recipe ideas in and a little peacock feather card to write to someone and a long letter of unicorn paper!

  4. Do you know what? I AM going to do this! What an amazingly simple way to brighten someone’s day. I can imagine the curiosity, suspision even is immense but to bring a unexpected smile to someone’s face is what it’s all about…

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  6. Thank you so much for sharing this – lovely to write a guest post 🙂 I never thought about this as being like a metaphorical hug – what a lovely way to describe it 🙂

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