Numberbundle Review & Giveaway

Today I’d like to introduce you to Numberbundle.


Numberbundles are mathematical activity boxes supporting the Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum for children aged 3-7.

They give you a comprehensive toolkit that includes the materials and discussion points you need to introduce and expand on the major themes from the mathematics curriculum, whilst spending fun, quality time with your child.

Numberbundles are £16.99 per month (+£2.80 P&P) as a subscription service, or you can try out a box or buy as a gift for £21. You select the age group you’d like, and the boxes are then tailored to a theme and full of activities and tools to work on.

We have a preschool box and a Year 1 box, and what struck me is how perfect they are for their respective learning ages, and also how well activities from both boxes can be adapted and received by both of my kids. They enjoyed trying them together, though obviously Boo’s learning outcomes were at a higher level.

This is the Preschool Numberbundle…

Numberbundle Preschool

Here’s the Y1 Numberbundle…

Numberbundle Y1

Each box comes with an overview of the learning theme and objectives along with instructions for several different tasks and the tools to complete them.

At the top of every leaflet are the learning objectives, tools needed that are within the Numberbundle box and any additional items you’ll need. I found that the additional items are things that you are very likely to already have in your house. Inside are the step by step instructions.

Numberbundle leaflets

These are the Preschool Numberbundle tools included for this month…

Numberbundle Preschool contents

The amount of activities and learning crammed into one of these boxes is impressive. There is so much here, it will definitely keep us entertained and learning for some time and they’ve been brilliant this week over half term as we’ve dipped into them when we’ve had a little time available.

Here’s an idea of one of the tasks that we have completed so far. The preschool box is focusing on Big and Small, so we had play dough mats in a little booklet where you need to complete the pictures by adding small ears, small dots, a big tail and so on….

Numberbundle play dough

Numberbundle play dough mats

The Numberbundles have got me trying different activities with the kids that I either wouldn’t have thought to do or would just never have got around to doing. Take the play dough mats, I’d spotted this kind of idea over on Pinterest and suspected the children would enjoy it, but I’d yet to get round to it. Now that I know how much they took from it, I will try more of the same with them as it was fun to see and do. We’ve also carried out a shiny coin experiment from Boo’s box which is something I knew about, but had not thought of showing the children and they absolutely loved it – the shiny coins were like magic to them!

Both Little Man and Boo have really enjoyed their Numberbundles, and we still have more to do with them. I like that they will give me a structure for things that I can be working on in the week with Little Man, and Boo is always enthusiastic about trying new ideas out when she’s home so she loves these. They are a fun way to learn.

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I now have one Numberbundle activity box available to one of my readers (winner will be able to choose the age box that they want). To be in with a chance of winning it, enter using the rafflecopter below. The competition ends at midnight 17th March 2016  and is open to UK entrants only. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What do you like about Numberbundle?

Disclosure: We received these boxes FOC for the purposes of this post

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214 thoughts on “Numberbundle Review & Giveaway”

  1. Looks like there’s lots of fun, entertaining activities to keep little one’s occupied and learning at the same time x

  2. Oh, I really like this idea. I’ve bought a few different things to try to do work on numbers with my 3 year old but none of them ever really held her attention. I like the fact that this has so many different activities so if one thing doesn’t work for her, we can try something else from the bundle.

  3. The twins are just four, having been premature. Boy twin has a great understanding of numbers and girl twin (who has had Meningitis B) has less idea. I think that the opportunity for her to get caught up before they start school in September would really help her.

  4. I like the fact it is learning through play. Little minds are like sponges , they soak everything up especially if it’s fun to do so.

  5. They are very colourful which will catch the children’s attention. I have also pinned the playdough mats in the past but haven’t quite got round to it .,,,,,, along with the other 6 million ideas I have pinned in the past!!!

  6. i like that it is available to suit different ages as i wouldn’t know what each of my children would need to the right challenge for them

  7. I <3 that it looks really fun which is the best way to help a child learn when they don't even realise they are being taught 🙂

  8. Hester McQueen

    Maths / arithmetic is so important. I feel this box would help me structure play in ways I wouldn’t think of and it would be educational and fun.

  9. I love that they are hands on learning and learning through play, which is more easily absorbed than a worksheet.

  10. Always looking for interesting and exciting educational ideas to do at home with my children. This looks like something they would really enjoy.

  11. Numbers etc are our little ones favourite fun activity, these look wonderful to re-enforce the ideas and methods.

  12. I wish such activities were available when I was young as I simply failed to grasp maths and it certainly wasn’t fun. The fact that this supports the Early Years Foundation and the National Curriculum is a real bonus.

  13. joanne liddement

    My husband is a special needs teacher and these look especially good for children with poor attention spans as they are appealing visually and crammed with activities which look fun and interactive

  14. It looks like something different from the usual craft boxes, and very helpful for providing ideas for maths activities to do at home.

  15. Meena Hindmarch

    That it sounds like the activities are really tailored for their age group, so they are enjoying themselves

  16. They look so much fun, i used to do simillar maths work when i was younger and i think that’s what really got me into loving maths and i hope this would do the same for my 2 boys

  17. My daughter tends to join in and take part if the activities are fun and interesting. This would be right up her street.

  18. Particularly like the ‘big and small’ activity for my 3 year old granddaughter who loves her play doh and this will become a real fun activity that she can do, practising her motor skills at the same time. The whole set interests me, so many activities where learning is fun, essential in the young.

  19. Christine Hobbs

    Its clear it looks fun and its easy to follow. Would be so beneficial as it also supports the National curiculum.

  20. I really like this as it supports play which helps children to develop their social, emotional and intellectual skills etc, and they learn to think. Also teaches them to socialise as they’ll engage in learning experiences with other children and adults.

  21. My son looovvveeesss maths and puzzles. He even asked to be called Square Root Tiago. He is only 7 years old. He adores going to school and is always interfering when I making puzzles. I also love maths and puzzles so I help him all the time. This would be a wonderful present.

  22. My daughter is obsessed with numbers at the moment so these would be ideal! I love that the activities are very hands on and fun but educational at the same time.

  23. I do lots of reading with my 4 year old but tend to forget about the maths, so it’s nice that there is something fun available to help out with that. Love the amount of activities in the box.

  24. I love how this is activity based learning ..perfect for my boy who struggles with maths to do and learn x

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