On Our 19th Wedding Anniversary

The Husband and I  have been married 19 years today. 

19 years. I have to say that it doesn’t feel like 19 years. 

19 years ago today, we got married at Coombe Abbey. My brother gave me away and my now sister-in-law was my bridesmaid. My oldest nephew, 5 at the time, looked adorable in a full suit and my youngest nephew was just growing inside his mum, so I like to think he was present.

We got married as dusk fell and it was a mild day for March. I do remember going for a walk across Coombe Abbey Park the following day and battling gale force winds, so I think we got lucky with the mild day for our photos!

I married at the age of 24, the Husband 25, and we both knew we wanted to wait until our thirties before starting a family. We’d been together since I was 20, and we had a full 12 years of it being just us before little Boo arrived. 

Looking back now, those 12 years were filled with work, great holidays and that freedom of just popping out for meals, the cinema, fun shopping and seeing friends without needing to plan ahead. You know how it is, the child-free days.

It feels like those kind of days are creeping back to us, as with the kids being the age that they now are, life is feeling easier again. If we could actually go anywhere, that is!

How does 19 years of marriage feel? Much like pretty much every other year, to be honest. It doesn’t feel like a long stretch, yet when I look back, I am bombarded by so many memories.

I don’t talk much about the Husband here or our marriage, simply because it just ‘is’. It is right, he is my best friend, my everything, and that’s kind of all there is to it. 

It’s a tricky one to celebrate this year, as with all things at the moment, but we will mark the occasion in some way and then I have my eye on next year. As it will be our 20th anniversary, I am thinking that feels quite special. Special enough to completely justify an exciting mini break. We will see if life allows us to travel this time next year, who knows?!

Until then, happy anniversary Mr R. 

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