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It was our wedding anniversary yesterday. We’ve now been married for 13 years, and together for nearly 18 years. When I put it like that, and think back over what we’ve done, what we’ve been through, the places we’ve seen, it seems a long time. Yet I remember our wedding day like it was yesterday, and come to that, I clearly remember our first date, first holiday together, the day we moved into our first home, and all of those firsts are a while back now!

The year it all started was 1997. I was 20 when we first met, we bought our first home together, a flat, when I was 23 and then we got married when I was 24, at Coombe Abbey, followed by a honeymoon to Cyprus. After that, my career really took off, and knowing that I had the Husband behind me, to come home to, made the stressful days bearable and the good days great. We loved spending our free time shopping, eating out, going to the cinema, and holidays, plenty of holidays!

Then our first baby arrived, shortly after we moved into our house, in 2005…

the hound and us

The going out slowed down, we were home a lot more for our hound. Then on our last big holiday to the US, we discussed the possibility of this becoming our last big holiday for a while, as perhaps it was time to start a family. We were in our early thirties by this point, so it was starting to feel a bit now or never, and we had been together for over a decade. So yes, we decided to try for a baby, and a couple of months later, we were sharing our happy news and I was feeling pretty sick! In 2009, our girl, Boo, arrived…

baby boo

Then we had another ‘if we’re having one, the time is now’ conversation, and again, a couple of months later, we were carrying our second baby. This one wasn’t so easy, and you can read about the difficulties we faced in that pregnancy here, but all was OK in the end, and our Little Man completed our family, in 2012…

little man baby

The Husband took on the role of main income earner when Boo arrived, a huge responsibility for him, and a big change for us, but he did it as he knew I wanted to be at home with our daughter. That was particularly hard this time last year when he was made redundant, but fortunately, we got through that one, and he’s happy where he is now.

And now we are here. 13 years married. 13 good years. I love change, thrive on it, probably need it, truth be told. If I don’t have something new, something different on the horizon, I get edgy, I get grumpy. But I’ve never wanted to make changes where my marriage is concerned. That’s my constant, the thing that allows me to explore other challenges and other projects, as I know I always have the Husband right there beside me.

Somebody once commented to me how happy in my marriage I seemed and asked me whether I thought I’d married the perfect man. ‘No’, I said, as really, who is perfect? ‘But, he is perfect for me.’

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36 thoughts on “One for The Husband”

  1. Happy Anniversary and what a lovely thing to say about your man, you learn to love them for what they are over the years. By the way I love your hair in a short bob there. #Whatsthestory

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      Thank you very much. You do, I think that’s exactly it. And thanks, I have been pondering a chop again! x

  2. So I teared up once I got to the hound pictures and then was full on crying once I got to the baby pictures. I am such a sucker for happy anniversary stories! And, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! March 9th made 3 years for my husband and I. Reading this makes me hope that we are still this happy in ten more years. Congrats on 13 years and I wish you many, many more!

  3. Hi Jocelyn, Happy Anniversary, hope you had a good one.

    It’s scarey how fast time flies and how life can change in such a short length of time. Our first baby was also a dog, so much easier than the real thing and more obedient too!

  4. I read this yesterday waiting for an appointment and got called before I left a comment. This is a touching tribute to your soul mate! Congratulations to you both!!! The baby pictures are lovely xx

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