One Little Man’s Rubbish…

There’s a regular event that is always guaranteed to get my Little Man excited. It’s a highlight of his week. What is it, you’re wondering? A toddler class, a trip out, a fun activity? Erm, nope. It’s bin day!

He loves helping us empty the bins ready for collection and then when he hears the refuse trucks rolling round at about 6.30 on a Thursday morning, his little face lights up and he dashes to the window to take a look.

I’m not too sure what the attraction is, but he is enthralled by it. He’s also thrilled when he spots a bin lorry while we’re out and about.

This all being the case, when I saw a toy recycling truck recently (in the sale as an added bonus!) I knew I had to get it….

Little Man and rubbish truck

Oh my, has this been popular! So many hours of play and fun has been had with this. It’s the first thing he grabs when he gets up and it will never be far from him during the day. With flashing lights, sound effects and a bin where you can pour the contents into the truck, it has it all, and he has revelled in it.

I love watching my boy play, listening to his imagination taking over as he chats away, and it’s wonderful to find something that he connects with so totally. Good old rubbish!

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26 thoughts on “One Little Man’s Rubbish…”

  1. Bin day!!
    Oh I did laugh at that…
    I’m on a bin whinge a month due to missed collections so bin men (sorry, waste management and disposal technicians) aren’t my favourite people at the moment lol
    This is a sweet post and you’re right, one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure. X

  2. Oh this is absolutely lovely and exactly why I started this linky- so we all remember these little moments. I bet he was thrilled when he got the rubbish truck as a gift, what a find. My friend’s little boy waits at the window for the rubbish truck each week too- he absolutely loves it! I guess cause they are big and noisy- whats not to love?! x

    1. It is lovely to see. For Little Man at the moment it’s that bin truck, and then Woody and Buzz. He’s usually surrounded by all three! x

  3. Oh bless him. My son likes watching the rubbish and recycling trucks too, although he’s more interested in ‘creating’ traffic jams with the actual recycling than putting it in the bin 🙂 x

  4. haha bless him, we have a little man who loves bin trucks too! I got him a really cheap recycling truck for christmas and it was by far his favourite present and has been pretty much until he got new toys for his birthday! He loves waving to the binmen too and thankfully ours are mostly riendly and give him a wave back 🙂 xx

  5. Oh yes, my boys used to love bin lorries. We had lots of toys and there were endless games. Have you seem the Usbourne Look Inside book of rubbish & recycling? It’s brilliant – the detail! X

    1. Oh, we must get that then! We have lots of those See Inside books as Boo loves them, so that’ll be the next one we get, thanks! x

  6. Oh how cute!! I used to love bin day – I think as a child when you don’t really know where the rubbish goes it makes it all the more interesting and exciting! And what a fantastic find that recycling truck was!! xx

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