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It’s actually happened. My little girl has now left pre-school, and primary school is beckoning her. I wrote recently about how I feel about it, and not much has changed, to be honest. But her readiness for school, her enthusiasm for it all to begin, that keeps me smiling and keeps me proud.

It was her Leaver’s Assembly on Friday afternoon. The Husband managed to get the afternoon off work, and my mum came and watched Little Man, so that we could go along and watch our daughter perform. And perform she did, dancing the Tango (don’t ask – it was somewhat random, what with the footballers, the strong men and the ballerinas!). She made us so proud. She’s been practising the dance for weeks now, and took her rehearsals very seriously. Here’s a photo (sorry it’s grainy, just a phone shot from the back of the room) of her taking to the stage, about to throw her moves…

boo tango

And then add to how proud we were seeing her up there on stage, the folder and transition documents that we received, detailing all that she’s been up to over the past year. The words ‘friendly’, ‘confident’ and ‘energy’ jumped out most frequently, which I think are great attributes in a 4 year old (there is absolutely no bias here, obviously!) and it seems she’s already competent in most of the key learning areas that she needs to reach next year, so I’d say she’s well set up and ready to go.

Sad though this end of an era makes me, it also makes me one proud mummy. And for that, my gorgeous girl, I thank you.

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38 thoughts on “One Proud Mummy”

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      Ah, thank you so much, lovely of you to say. She’s excited, and I’m pretty sure she’ll be fine 🙂 xx

  1. All of these milestones are so poignant aren’t they? Wishing her all the very best in her new life as a ‘big school’ girl! Enjoy the lovely long summer together first. x x PS This would make a fab ‘loud n proud’ post – it’s over with Mum of Three World on Thursday if you fancy linking up?

  2. My first boy finishes kinder at the end of this year so I am hearing you! Her report sounds like she is ready to go to school and that you have a lot to be proud of!

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      She was sad as we came out of preschool on Friday, and got upset a bit over the weekend, worrying over missing her teachers there, but she is very excited about school x

  3. She seems confident and ready for school! Those folders are fantastic, aren’t they? I love looking at them, at the photos, the comments written by staff, the quotes from my little ones. Mel #MagicMoments

  4. Ah, it’s such an exciting (and scary) time, this. We’re just going through the same transition with our second child. Enjoy this time – it passes so quickly! #loudnproud

  5. Oh don’t, the Boy has another whole year in pre-school but I already felt a bit teary at the end of year Teddy Bear Concert. Sounds like she is ready for the new adventure in any case, even if Mummy perhaps isn’t quite…

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