Open Garden Day

On Sunday I was fortunate enough to be selling my cards in a gorgeous garden local to me, opening for charity for one day only. I was set up in the dining room, with the patio doors opening out onto the garden, so this was my view for the day..


I love the idea of people having these fabulous gardens, and then joining up with a few others to allow people to come and enjoy them while raising money for worthy causes. It does make me wonder how many other hidden gems there are as I drive past houses with well tended front gardens – what must the back garden look like? I want to get in and explore!

Well at least on this occasion I could. I don’t think I’ve ever set up my display so quickly before (it still looked gorgeous, of course ;-)), so that I could get out there to wander round prior to visitors arriving. And this is what I discovered…












It was a great day, with plenty of people admiring the grounds, lots raised for charity, and in case you’re wondering, I sold plenty! (Including Christmas cards and advent calendars – early for some, irresistible for others..!)

This is the second charity open garden I’ve been to this year, having been working at both, and I have to say that I love them. Such a generous idea and fascinating to have a look around people’s pride and joy. I know they spring up all around the country – have you visited any?

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10 thoughts on “Open Garden Day”

  1. What a gorgeous garden! I love how people open up their gardens for charity. I’ve seen a fair few in my local area over the summer but never been to one, I need to pluck up the courage. I think I’d be a bit of a gardening noob around people who know the names of plants!

    I bet whoever tends to that garden loves pottering about – must be so relaxing!

    Glad to hear you sold lots of cards too 🙂

    Thanks for joining in and sharing xx

    1. You’d be fine! they’re all very relaxed, and people just wonder around the gardens uninterrupted, so you don’t have to appear knowledgeable! The two I’ve been to have had constant streams of visitors, too, so you wouldn’t be closely scrutinised while you were in there! They do like it out there, though as they have the run up to opening their garden, it’s actually stressful and pressure to get it all looking good, so they said after that day, they can now relax and enjoy it a bit more.

  2. I’ve done a few craft fairs and they’ve all been hot and stuffy – I’d much rather sell somewhere with a view like yours 🙂 Glad you sold lots of cards and I’m going to keep my eye out for charity open gardens in the future!

    1. Oh, I can’t recommend them enough! Such a lovely atmosphere and beautiful views & scents – a perfect working environment 🙂

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