Open University: Over Halfway Through My Final Year!

I am getting there, folks. The end is in sight. I am now over halfway through my final year with the Open University.

This time in three months, I will be all done. And I’ll be in Disney World, which does strike me as a nice way to celebrate!

So what’s happening?

On my level 1 AA100 module, I have now had four assignments marked and returned to me, and I’m happy with all of them. I actually only need 40% on these as I simply need to get a pass, but I am considerably above that so I am feeling confident that I’m on track with this one. I have just submitted my fifth assignment, I have the next one written and ready, so I just have one more to go on this one, and then my End of Module Assessment, an extended essay. It’s an enjoyable module with plenty of variety.

As I am doing AA100 in my final year, I am not going though every chapter as I am choosing the ones I need to write assignments on. If I’d done it in my first year, I’d have gone through all of the material, but I’m needing to be more pragmatic this year, and am choosing to spend more time on my level 3 module as I do need the best marks that I can get on that one. That said, I plan to go back over and read the chapters I have missed once I am all finished as they do look interesting.

On my level 3, A332, I have now submitted three assignments and I am just waiting on my score and feedback for my third one. I am nervous about it. It constitutes 40% of the continuous assessment grade, so I need it to be a good one. I will have to wait, anxiously, and see. I then have another two to do, before completing the End of Module Assessment for this one.

I am feeling pretty happy about it all so far (please note, the score for that A332 assignment could drastically change this feeling!). I am really enjoying both modules, and I am pleased that I have chosen these two for my final year as it feels like a very positive note to end on.

I have stuck to my study method of concentrating on one module until an assignment is written and then switching to the other. Of course I am spending much more of my time on A332 in this process, and I do feel it’s worked well for me. I have remained on track with the schedules and am a little ahead as I need to be.

When you take into account that I had a long break between my first two and then final four modules, I actually started this in 1998. 1998! To think it will all be over in a matter of weeks is a wonderful feeling, though I just know that I will miss it.

I’m sure I’ll update you again once all of my assignments are in, and then there will be that interminable wait for the results. I’ve got this, nearly there…

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4 thoughts on “Open University: Over Halfway Through My Final Year!”

  1. extra, extra good luck! You WILL do it! I’m now at university full time doing graduate teaching, after completing a degree distance (as we say in New Zealand, but it is identical to the UK Open University) 28 years after starting. The thing I miss is all the materials are given to you… i just had to buy a new laser printer this weekend, as I am old school in that I like my reading printed on paper and the little ink jet one could not keep with with printing 10 or more readings a week(or me paying 10 cents a sheet to print off!) It is paper hungry yes – but I learn better this way! The university went paper free this year, hence all is on-line, so we really get less for our fees in some ways….

    1. Thank you! I prefer to read on paper, too, so that would frustrate me. You’re doing so well, too, love seeing your updates on Instagram x

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