An Open University Update – A326

Open University A326

I thought I’d share a little update on how I’m getting on with my module this year, and looking forward to next year.

I have just had back my marks for my fifth TMA (tutor marked assignment) and it’s my highest mark on this module so far. I now have one more assignment to go and then the End of Module Assessment which is a 3,000 word piece designed to test my understanding of the entire module.

You may have read that I struggled to really get into the first three blocks, but I adored Block 4 and am enjoying Block 5 so far. It seems it took me a while to warm to it, and it’s all now falling into place for me. I am hoping this means that when I do come to write my EMA, I’ll be struggling to edit it down rather than sitting there wondering what to write. I’ll let you know when the time comes. The big appeal of the EMA for me this year is that it is due in just before half term so I’ll be able to enjoy that with the kids, as last year I had my module exam on the Friday afternoon of half term meaning that I wasn’t entirely present for them during that week.

As with last year, I have managed to keep up with the schedule and have not fallen behind or needed any TMA deadline extensions. I have tried to stay at least a week ahead, to allow for the unexpected. I tend to do the bulk of it whilst Little Man is at nursery on a Tuesday, though I’ll grab the odd hour here and there if the mood takes me at other points during the week. I also find that if I am enjoying it, I can get several hours covered in one sitting, but if it’s not holding my attention, I try to go for a little and often approach as I know it won’t be going in otherwise.

Looking forward to next year, I have registered for two 60 credits modules, meaning that I will be studying full time. I will be studying AA100 The Arts Past and Present, a year 1 course and A332 Why is Religion Controversial? a third year course. I’m hoping that by studying a first year course I’ll find that easier to do and can concentrate more on my third year course, but we will see how it goes! I am also aware that I need to get great marks in my third year course to achieve the degree classification that I’d like, and I really just need to get the pass grade of 40% for my first year course as this grade is not counted towards my degree classification. I’m hoping this takes a bit of pressure off me.

You’ll have noticed that I have departed from pure history for the final year. The AA100 course is a level 1 history course as it offers a great grounding for all humanities disciplines, and I have then gone back to another of my favourite subjects, Religious Studies, for my final module choice, though this is still considered to be on the history pathway, too. The course looks absolutely fascinating to me, and I am a big believer in studying what you are passionate about so I am hoping that will stand me in good stead for the year.

I am so used to studying now, and though I am sure there will be times over the coming year or so that I will wonder what on earth I am doing, I really think I will feel a tad bereft after I complete this. Ah well, there’s always a Masters then….!

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