An Open University Update – Empire 1492-1975

I have just realised that I’ve not shared anything about my latest Open University module here, which is very remiss of me. Though when I think about it, I’m not surprised that I’ve overlooked it because the truth is, I’m not really feeling it this year.

I went into this module off the back of A200 which I absolutely loved, and though there were the odd units that didn’t engross me, overall every one of the six blocks offered me something. However, I am struggling to really engage with the module and I doubt it’s the materials at fault, I think it’s just me. It is simply not drawing me in and interesting me. There has been the odd unit that I have enjoyed so far, but not many. I’m over halfway through the third block now with the TMA looming and I am just hoping that something will grab me soon. It’s also quite far-reaching, which means I feel I’m only grasping things at a very superficial level. Again, I do suspect this is just me and I also suspect I should be giving more time to it to better understand and connect with it, but as I’m not enjoying it, I am not putting the extra time in that would no doubt be worthwhile. It’s a vicious circle!

So far I have covered what empires are and how to define them, how empires begin and I’m currently covering how empires work from a military, economic and cultural point of view. As I write this and think back over it there have been sections that have interested me, there have been – I’ll just keep telling myself that! As with my previous course, the historiography is interesting, I like going through the primary sources and certain aspects covered have been fascinating. The areas of history that I most enjoy working to understand have not really been explored yet, but there’s still plenty more to go.

This is my fourth module and I do think I am lucky to have absolutely loved the last two that I did, though I disliked the first one. It may just be that the fourth is simply so-so. That’s OK, I am not despondent, simply accepting of that fact!

My outlook now is that I just need to pass this one so that I can move on to the modules that I am already excited about studying next year, and as I plan to study full time next year, that should then see me completing my degree. And you never know, maybe it will pick up soon and I’ll fall in love with it all again. Maybe…

Any tips for finding my oomph with this one are most welcome!

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