Operation Escape Room cage

Operation: Escape Room Review

We have been sent a new game to play, thanks to the team over at Smyths Toys. Operation: Escape Room is like nothing we’ve tried before, so we were keen to get set up and playing….

Operation: Escape Room

Operation: Escape Room

Bring home the thrill of the escape room with Spy Code – Operation: Escape Room.

Choose a teammate to wear the escape belt and work together to free them. This exciting game has players collect three keys in challenges of skill, strategy and luck, before time runs out. Test your spy skills and problem-solving nerve with three tasks deigned to make players work as a team.

The strategy challenge has players complete mathematical puzzles, find patterns and solve problems to crack the code. The skill challenge tests your ability to navigate a maze, while the luck challenge leaves it all up to chance. Completing each challenge earns you one of the three keys you need to release your teammate.

Spy Code – Operation: Escape Room lets players choose from different levels of difficulty to ramp up the challenge, or adapt play for younger and older kids.

The Game Play

On opening the box, there are a few different elements to this game, and they do require a little assembly and batteries, so it might be best to do this bit without small impatient people around you!

The instructions on assembling everything are very easy to follow, so within a few minutes, you are all set and ready to play.

The idea is to ‘lock’ one of the players up and then scatter these three challenges around the room so that players need to complete each task, then dash to to the next one, before getting the final key to go and free the captured player.

In our case, Little Man loved being captured, but then also joined in with each challenge with the clock quite literally ticking on him! We also kept each challenge together to easily move from one to the next. But I can see how with a bigger group it would be so much fun to have a captured player stuck in the corner of the room and then have the group running from challenge to challenge all to the sound of the ticking clock. I can imagine the hysteria mounting!

There are three challenges that need completing, and as each one is completed, a key is released that you then use on the next task. All three are quite different to one another. The first if to remove a key from gaps in a cage using two sticks, the second is to answer puzzle cards correctly and the third is to search for the key within a disk with lift up doors on it.

Operation Escape Room cage

Operation Escape Room quiz master

Operation Escape Room wheel

Our Verdict

Operation: Escape Room is completely different to any other game that we have played before. It taps into the popularity of escape rooms, whilst being able to play in your own home.

My children are aged 9 and 6 years old and they are both able to understand and play this one. They were very excited to try it, as the idea of cracking codes hugely appealed to them, and I couldn’t tell you how many times they have since played it as they really like this one. It gets them working together and cheering for each other and it is a different game every time they play. Having played it a few times and got the hang of it, they now like to try to beat their time each time that they play, seeing if they can release one another faster and faster.

I can see this game being a fun one for when they have friends over to play, and I am already picturing the madness and hearing the noise levels when that happens! Overall, my two love this one and it gets a thumbs up for being so original.

What do you think? Is this one your children would enjoy?

Disclosure: We received this game FOC for the purpose of this review

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