Get Organised in 2019 with a Planner

You know that I love stationery. You know that I love to be organised. Which all means that today I am excited to be talking about getting organised for 2019 with a planner.

The Benefits Of Using a Planner

Do you use a planner currently? If so, I know you’ll already see the benefits and probably be on the lookout for your next one already. If you don’t but are toying with getting one to help you to stay on track, then I would definitely recommend one.

I actually use two different types of planners to keep me on track Actually, three, now that I am thinking about it. What? I like paper! I have a wall calendar for us all, with birthdays, school events, appointments and the like on. I then have a planner that I use for all of my work. In there I have notes, reminders, blog posts schedules, weekly and daily jobs and so on. And finally, I use a bullet journal for everything else, from daily tasks to monthly reviews. These three systems just work for me. There can be crossover sometimes, but I know where I log everything and the separation makes sense to me.

What are the benefits then? Well, when you write things down, you are much more likely to remember them. Partly, because you can consult your planner as a reminder, and partly because the act of writing it down will help it to sink into your head. Writing things down also gets everything out of your mind, which is like a brain de-clutter! Write it down, assign tasks to certain days or weeks and create lists. Do whatever you need to do to be able to focus on things more clearly. Working in this way, you are less likely to overlook things and you will feel more on the ball.

Planners and personal organisers tend to have a whole raft of sections, depending on the one that you go for. They often have sections alongside the diary for notes, lists, appointments, addresses, and then sometimes dreams, hopes and wishes. They can help you to focus in on short and long term goals and plans, which I always find helpful to do.

If you like stationery, a planner can feel like a real treat and it can be enjoyable to use it. Some of them even come with stickers, tabs, motivational quotes and more, if that’s your kind of thing. Or keep things simple, with the more classic designs.

Here are a few planners that have caught my eye, due to their features and good reviews, so if I have inspired you to use one next year, have a little look at these beauties…

2019 Planners

Deluxe Law of Attraction Life Planner

Boxclever Press 2019 Busy Days Planner

Passion Planner

The Clever Fox Planner

Boxclever Press 2019 Family Life Book Diary

Leuchtturm1917 Weekly Planner 2019

Will you be using a planner next year? What difference do you find that it makes to you?

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8 thoughts on “Get Organised in 2019 with a Planner”

  1. Hi J. What a lovely post. I think you know I have my 2-ring Household Notebook planner in a binder I tend to print planner sheets for t’internet as I have a daily to do list, shopping lists, freezer inventory, menu plans, a monthly date reminder sheet, a household section which includes financial stuff, and one tab for the boys’ things about school etc. I’ve looked at buying a planner so many times but just never seem to find one at the right price with enough space for me. I look forward to January when I give it a re-vamp, new sheets, a new cover

  2. I like your phrase “brain de-clutter”. It’s much better than “dump”. Thanks for sharing some planners you’ve seen. I didn’t know those brands. I’m still using a bullet journal that I started in September but will likely run out of pages in the spring. Always nice to know what’s available.

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