Our Alton Towers & Splash Landings Break

It was Boo’s 4th birthday last week, so we decided to treat her to a night away at Alton Towers’ Splash Landings hotel.

After a leisurely morning spent opening and playing with presents, we loaded up the car and made the journey northwards. We arrived at the hotel at around 2pm, and our room was ready for us so we went up to explore straight-away. Boo was VERY excited that there were bunk beds, and immediately declared that she would be sleeping on the top bunk- well, she was 4 so quite a big girl now 😉 She was then thrilled to discover Nemo soap! We could see the water park (through the lashings on rain against our windowpanes) from our room, so we got ourselves sorted and made our way down to the pool.

Splash Landings room

This is where things went slightly awry! Firstly, I’d like to point out that the changing rooms and pool areas were spotlessly clean, the staff very helpful, friendly and attentive (there were lifeguards patrolling all areas constantly), and it was lovely and warm everywhere. No complaints, in fact. Apart from our children not really liking it there…! As soon as we entered the pool area, the sounds of all of the waterfalls and slides assailed us, and it was all too much for Little Man – queue screaming and inconsolable crying. Though he did of course calm down after lots of cuddling, he clung to me for dear life for the rest of the afternoon, and no, he didn’t make it into the water, other than a tentative toe-dip. With hindsight – a lovely thing – he has only ever been swimming once before, so this is a lot to take in, and there were plenty of children there of his age and younger that were quite happily playing there. He was also tired, as he proved by falling to sleep on me, so I sat on a bench for some time…! Boo was definitely more excitable about it all, until she went down a big slide with daddy and ended up with her head going under the water – a big no-no for her since she had swimming lessons last year and her teacher dunked her under without warning. It put her off a little, though she did go on a couple of other slides, played in the pools and enjoyed shooting and spraying the water from the towers.

My children and our poor-planning aside, it was a great environment for families, some had taken their pushchairs in there for ease, it was really warm so no worries about little ones and there was loads to do. I’d recommend it and we will go back there, though will make sure Little Man’s better rested and we’ll take him to our local pool a few more times before another visit.

gamesSo, dried and dressed, we made our way to the games room to entertain ourselves before dinner, and then we went off to Flambos Exotic restaurant for our dinner. Boo was really looking forward to this – she’s a big fan of restaurants (I’m not sure whether that reflects badly on my cooking?!). It’s a buffet service, and a little steep at £19.95 per adult, I think, especially as we had to pay for our drinks (just soft drinks) on top of this. Boo was £6.95 and Little Man £1.95. We were there at 5.30 when it opened, so the food was all fresh and hot, and the service friendly. There was a good range of starters and mains, then a chocolate fountain, ice cream machine and lovely platter of desserts for afters. Suffice it to say we were all full up when we left!

After we’d all had a good night’s sleep (yes, all in the same room and the kids slept well!), we filled up on a delicious hot breakfast (think juice, pancakes, croissants, sausages, hash browns, fruit..you’re getting it :)) and we made our way to the monorail right outside the hotel and got into the park. It was a drizzly day, so it wasn’t too busy. Hotel guests can also get on the rides from 9am, before the park opens at 10am. This is great, though I’d point out that not all of the rides open early, so plan wisely.

We’ve been there a few times, though all before having children. I’d forgotten how big it is and spread out. There was a fair bit of walking involved (and I found myself enjoying the leafy stroll much more than my teen self would have done!), though we loved crossing the park in the cable cars, and they were really easy to get the pushchair in and out of. We spent a little time in Cloud Cuckoo Land..

cloud cuckoo land

We then looked around Sharkbait Reef, before moving onto the Storyland area, with the Squirrel Nutty Ride and the farmyard with a ferret roaming about with a keeper, playground, tractor ride, and boat ride with animals sound effects buttons you could press – that was a much-enjoyed feature…

Storyland and Farmyard

Boo’s favourite ride of the day was the Runaway Mine Train, which we could have guessed as the girl loves a roller-coaster! And while the husband and Boo were on that, Little Man and I explored the gift shop..

runaway mine

All in all, it was a fun break. We’ve loved visiting Peppa Pig World, Thomasland and Legoland, and I’d have to say that for little ones, these do offer more (though we really liked the baby changing room feature of being able to play your chosen tune while cleaning up in there!). But we knew that, and this was about trying out somewhere new, along with the water park and hotel experience. And as regular readers will know, we never pay for our theme park trips – Tesco Clubcard every time! I don’t know whether Alton Towers are even looking to get more of the young family market, as they do so well with the thrill rides, seemingly coming up with bigger and better ones every year. The whole Storyland and Farmyard area does look a little tired (though no complaints from the kids!) and there is plenty of space there to inject some new life into it, so who knows? But a big thumbs-up on Splash Landings park and hotel – great places for young families.

Have you visited recently? What were your thoughts? And I’d be interested to know which theme park is your favourite for little ones?

Exciting addition since writing this Just found out that CBeebies land is being added to Alton Towers next year. Great idea and brings something for little ones to the park – hooray!!

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27 thoughts on “Our Alton Towers & Splash Landings Break”

  1. I haven’t taken my son to Splash Landing yet for the very reasons you talk about happening with little man! He might be OK now and I would like to go back as it is clean, warm and lots of fun. It looks to me like the theme park bit for younger children hasn’t changed much since I was last there in 2009-so yes a bit tired and in need of sprucing up but my eldest enjoyed it a lot. Glad it made Boo’s birthday even more special for her and you all.

    1. It is fun there, but just not for Little Man! Yes, it all needs a lift, though I did spot a few men walking round the farm area with clipboards, so maybe making plans? – total speculation!! And thanks x

  2. Great post. We have stayed at Splash Landings a few times and love it there though I agree the buffet is expensive but great food. We also go to AT a lot as we have Merlin passes (1 purchased with Tesco clubcard) and our kids love it there. At 11 and 7 they seem to be a great age to enjoy the rides and 7 year old was very excited when we went recently to be able to go on Thirteen. Me… I just hold the bags !

    Totally agree about the animal section. It could do with a complete overhaul. Glad you all enjoyed your trip x

    1. Yes, I think 11 & 7 would be perfect to make the most of all of the rides there. That buffet was yummy – getting hungry thinking about it now…:) Thanks x

  3. Wow what a post! I hope Boo had a fabulous birthday. Splash Landings sounds great for when POD doesn’t freak in the water! I’m sure she’ll get to love it again like she used to. She would love Peppa Pig World and Thomasland though!

    1. Oh, I’m sure she would! We’re lucky in that Thomasland is just 10 minutes from our house, so we’ve been quite a few times – it is good!

    1. It was, thanks. Peppa Pig World is very cute, though I found the rides a bit tame for Boo – she’s a little thrill seeker!

  4. What a wonderful birthday treat for Boo, shame about the Little Man not enjoying the splash park. Judging by the lovely happy photos you all had a great time and spent some quality family time together. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  5. I used to go to Alton Towers quite a lot as a teenager but haven’t yet got around to taking my kids as I think they’re still a little young to get the most out of it – maybe next year!

    1. Yes, I think to make the most of it you’d need to be over 6-7, really. Splash Landings is good for younger ones, though

  6. Wow, great post! I’ve never been to Alton Towers, but it looks pretty good fun – from the sounds of it though my 7yo would get the most out of it 🙂 Splash Landings sounds fantastic, we’ve been to Center Parcs several times, and spend most of our time at the pools. You’re right about it being noisy and overwhelming though, for the adults too 😉 Glad you had such a great time for Boo’s birthday xx

  7. We have a list of places we want to take the kids when we return to UK. Legoland is no 1 (we had to cancel a couple of years ago because my son had chickenpox). My husband is waiting for the kids to be tall enough so that he can take them on all the big rides somewhere like Alton T. I like the idea if it’s nice weather having a fun pool for the kids.

  8. We did this break last year. I had a moment of panic in the pool when H disappeared down somewhere I couldn’t easily go and it took me ages to get off the tower and refind him. Aside from that we loved it, but H is a real waterbaby. Thought the outdoor slides were brill. H was a bit young for some of the stuff, but we loved the cable cars too, in fact I think H would happily just have gone round and round. Looks like you had a fab time, but as you say there a better places for little ones.

    1. Oh no, I can just imagine your panic. It’s be fantastic in there for water babies, though – I was really impressed. We’ll go back in a few years, I think, when the kids can make the most of the park, too

  9. I had no idea Alton Towers catered for younger children. I’ve not been for years and that was way before we had children. Glad Boo had a good time. Hope the giraffe head gear made up for Little Man’s earlier experience. He does look incredibly cute and happy wearing it.

    1. There’s not loads there for them, but enough for Boo to have fun with. Little Man was happy as soon as we left the pool, but I’d say that giraffe headband definitely contributed to his cheeriness, thanks!

  10. We love splash landings! but only go between october and feb as they do deals on the room/waterpark. We’re going again in feb, it’s £59 for the hotel and a day at the waterpark for all four of us which I think is good value! Especially because we get there well before 2pm and the room is always ready so we get two full days. I agree though the restaurants are really expensive, and I don’t think they are worth the money tbh… need to find an alternative! As for the waterpark, it is kinda crazy how the sheer NOISE hits you when you walk in, which we totally didn’t expect the first time. It can be a bit daunting for the little ones at first but since the first time they haven’t been phased at all xx

    1. £59 is a very good deal! It is great there, but we do need to get Little Man better adjusted to coping with that environment – so loud! Lovely place, though, buffet costs aside. And as they’re adding a CBeebies land to Alton Towers next year, I can definitely see this trip being on our agenda again! Hope you have a fab time in Feb x

  11. alton towers are trying to do more for younger kids as cbeebies land is coming to alton towers in may. I’m 13 so obviously this isn’t my kind of thing but from what i have seen online it looks really good for younger kids

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