Our Big Savings Goal

We have a goal. A big savings goal, and we are squirrelling away funds here and there to help with it.

We have the smaller aims, as we always have a Christmas savings account running, and then we have the savings for the home projects that pop up throughout the year and any short breaks and holidays. These are kept in separate savings accounts, and are pretty easy for me to get at.

disney-worldWe then have the Florida account. Yes, this is the big one, and we are determined to take the kids there whilst they’re still both young enough to find it truly magical (though to be honest, I went in my twenties and found it magical!), and old enough to have the energy to appreciate it, keep up with it and remember it. We’re thinking of going in 2-3 years time, which means we still have more time to save.

We want to visit Disneyworld and Universal Studios, in particular, and we’ve now heard there’s a Star Wars land being added which Little Man will adore. Both of the kids enjoy theme parks, so I know that they’ll love them, and there’s so much more to see besides the rides. The Husband and I went together just before we got married, with his family, back in 2001. We’ve not been to the US since the year before having Boo, when we visited the west coast. We are looking forward to this break. It may well be the first time that we take the kids abroad, too, so that’s a whole other adventure on top. It’s the kind of holiday that’s worth saving and waiting for, and it’s the kind of holiday that doesn’t tend to be cheap! We will need to save.

Tips for saving:

– We tend to save in small chunks each month, so that we don’t really notice it going out.

– We always set up a standing order to do this, so that it happens with no fuss or hassle.

– If we have a little extra one month, through bonuses or just having a thrifty month, we move some of that over to the savings account.

– For this particular account, it’s a little bit harder for us to access it, meaning that we’re less inclined to use it.

– We remember the goal. We do save for emergencies, too, but in this case, as we have such a clear and exciting reason to save, it helps us stick to it and keeps us strong!

Do you have something special that you’re saving up for?

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