Our Crafting Box

Boo has always enjoyed getting crafty and creative, and Little Man at 15 months, is also starting to show an interest (stickers fascinate him!). So we regularly have craft sessions here, though not always that well-prepared or structured!

This is the go-to box, the activity when no real activity is planned…

craft box

We have pipe cleaners, stars, pom poms, googly eyes (a requirement!), and various foam and shiny shapes. It’s gathered from bits and pieces both my mum and I spot in sales while we’re out and about, so we get it and add it to the box. We always have stacks of paper, crayons, glitter, glue and so on, so it’s a case of letting imaginations wonder. Sometimes we have a craft in mind, such as making a card, sometimes we theme it around what we’ve been up to or something seasonal, and at other times it’s just a grab, stick and create exercise!

crafting Boo

Boo loves it, it keeps her occupied for ages, and I can see Little Man will soon be sat at that table creating with her. It’s lovely to see what their imaginations can come up with, and such a simple activity that keeps them very happy.

Do you have a craft box?

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17 thoughts on “Our Crafting Box”

  1. We have a little craft box – which is the overflow from our craft cupboard which is a double cupboard in kitchen literally full if crafty bits – paper, pipe cleaners, paint, pom-poms, sequins, glitter…you name
    It we have it 🙂

  2. We used to have a craft box, but due to eldest’s sheer craft obsession it has become several boxes and tubs! I’m desperately trying to find ‘non messy’ crafting activities for littlest-he too enjoys it but he’s way more messy than his big sister ever was..:)

    1. Iona, there is a couple
      Of non mess activities on my blog activities4kidz.wordpress.com. Mostly Xmas ones at the moment. My kids are 2 and 13 months so I try and do less messy ones!! X

    2. Boo loves it, too. We currently just have 2 boxes, along with two deep drawers of colouring, stampers, felts, craft kits etc. I suspect this will be growing over time…! Little Man is getting into it, so we will see whether he’s a messy one, too 😉

  3. I’m going to put together one! My toddler is two, and has just started showing interest in crafts. Earlier, he just wanted to play outdoors! You’ve given me some ideas to start with, thanks.

  4. I now have three big drawers full of stuff, can’t resist craft and art materials, I shouldn’t be allowed in a craft store unaccompanied 🙂 The boys love it though, and it’s so easy to set up an activity!

    1. Yes, I love structured craft projects, too, but it is nice to just leave them to it and see what emerges! Thanks for hosting x

  5. I have lots of very creative children, the only down side is there’s always lots of tidying up to do, it’s quite shocking how much I have to sweep up every day. Why can they be neat crafters?!!!

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