Our Disney World Plans

How can it be only a few weeks until we go to Disney World? The time has just flown by, and I think, I hope, we are all set for it now.

We have moved resorts since we first booked and are happy with that, we have got our seats on the plane sorted along with booking into the V Room at the airport, our ride FastPasses are all in place and we have a handful of reservations to look forward to.  Oh, and the less interesting stuff is all done, from ESTAs to insurance. We have also all acquired quite a few Disney tees!

So what’s the plan?

By the time that we arrive we’ll be tired so it’ll be a case of getting our hire car, popping to a Walmart or similar and stocking up on toiletries, snacks, water and a few breakfast basics for our room, and then checking in. We’ll eat in the resort and I am pretty sure the kids will be ready to drop then so that’ll do us for day one.

We then have days at the parks lined up every day for the first week. Though when I say ‘days’, it’ll likely be only two full days, and the other few will be half days mixed in with shopping and pool time. The weekend and following week has one or two full rest days, and we will just play that by ear. I have planned in Fast Passes for most days, aside from the days we want to go to Universal, but if we are tired or want a break from the parks, we’ll cancel them and lounge instead. We’ll see how we get on.

In Disney World there are several rides and attractions high on our must-do list, and I have managed to get FastPasses booked for all of those. Boo’s keen to meet characters and watch parades, shows and fireworks, and she’s desperate to ride Seven Dwarves Mine Train, Frozen Ever After and Haunted Mansion. Little Man wants to do Peter Pan’s Flight, Star Tours, meet Star Wars characters and do the Jedi training. The Husband has his Avatar Flight of Passage FastPass and I’m looking forward to the Kilimanjaro Safaris and any and all water rides! The kids are also booked in to the Pirate’s League so are excited to be getting pirate makeovers.

We’ll spend two or three days at Universal, too. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the big draw for us there, though I also love the Jurassic Park River Adventure ride and the water rides, whilst the Husband loves the coasters and all of the motion simulators there, many of which are new since we last visited many years ago. My motion sickness means I will give the simulators a very wide berth, but to be honest, I will be more than content in Diagon Alley! Little Man also loves superheroes and Dr Seuss, so there’s plenty there to keep him very happy. The kids both want to buy interactive wands from Ollivanders, so they will then be able to cast spells throughout the Wizarding World. Sounds brilliant!

In amongst the parks, we’re hoping for pool time, maybe a trip to the water parks, shopping and so much eating. The Husband has been watching so many Disney Food Blog videos, he has a must-try list for snacks and meals! We do have both breakfast and lunch reservations for the Be Our Guest restaurant (dining inside the Beast’s castle), which should be good.

The best laid plans?

I know, I know, the best laid plans and all that. Disney World is the kind of holiday that does require more planning than most, but to be honest this suits me as I enjoy planning. But I am also mindful that some of these plans may go awry and that we need to go with the flow each day. I think having an idea of where we want to be each day will help and we at least have FastPasses in place for the rides that the kids really want to go on, so even if those are the only ones we do and then we just wander and soak it in, I think we’ll all be pretty happy. The place is huge, we have no designs on doing and seeing everything, we are going for something of a highlights trip!

What would be on your must-do list?


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  1. It sounds like you have some good solid plans – I hope everyone is able to experience what the hope to, although I’m sure the holiday will be a wonderful experience for you all regardless. Not long now!!

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