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Project Garden continues! We’ve been out in the garden this week, planting up some shrubs that we recently bought, including Callicarpa Profusion which we recently spotted and absolutely adored. It’ll give us some lilac flowers in the summer and brilliant bright purple berries next autumn, which I’m already looking forward to. The children were also given a tree sapling each from their Santa visit at the weekend, so we’ve got those in pots now, too. And, we finally got our fairy garden….

My mum picked up this brilliant planter, already planted up, at a bargain reduced price of just £8 for us – just perfect fairy garden size and so cute (weighs a ton, though!)

fairygardenSo we removed a few of the plants, to make way for the fairies, all under Boo’s supervision, you understand. She was very clear that she wanted a toadstool in there, with a doorway for fairies to get inside. As luck would have it, her own little garden already had a toadstool in it that we’d bought in the summer, though no doorway. Do not worry, though, as Little Man soon fixed that problem by picking it up and promptly dropping it on the floor, smashing it, thereby creating an opening!! How very kind and helpful of him…! We’d also got a little mushroom ornament that we varnished and popped in, too, hoping that that’ll protect it from the rain – we’ll see..

fairygarden1aAnd then Boo wanted a pathway from the house to the ‘forest’ of sedum, so she found some stones, we cleaned them up, and she adorned them with a little glitter glue..

fairygarden1And placed her stepping stones in to complete the garden..

fairygarden2And there we have it. All done, and ready 🙂


I must say I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out, and by the bargain nature of it! Boo also wants a sign for it, to let fairies know that they’re welcome there, so we’ll have to get onto that – I’m thinking a big stone that we can write on. It’s something that we plan to add to over the coming months, as and when we see appropriate bits of ‘furniture’ for the fairies.

What do you think? Do you have a home for the fey?!

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49 thoughts on “Our Fairy Garden”

    1. Now that is a lovely idea. I’m thinking maybe a little solar light, now – seems easier. Not considered lighting – thank you!

  1. Firstly – bargain! Secondly – CUTTTTTTTTTTTTTE!

    What a great thing to do together – Kitty would adore to do something like this, I must remember to do that in the New Year. What fun you have there!

    Thanks for joining in again and sharing xx

    1. I couldn’t believe the price! And it is so very cute 🙂 Boo is showing it to everyone that visits and explaining how the fairies will soon be living there. It was lovely to do together and I think it’ll be an ongoing project. Yes, do do it with Kitty – you’ll have fun 🙂
      Thanks for hosting x

  2. What a neat idea !! That was fortuitous having the toadstool’s door “made” for it like that !! every year we used to paint up fir cones to put on our Christmas tree with my grandmother with glittery nail varnish. I’m sure the fairies would like something like that added 😉

  3. Wow £8 what an absolute bargain! I love this Jocelyn, what a wonderful thing to do together. Would be great to do it with POD – we have a fairy seed kit but I’m not sure what that entails just yet 🙂

  4. This looks awesome hon, bet the kids are loving it! I might have to start a fairy garden project for January when I’m on mat leave before baby arrives 🙂 #letkidsbekids

  5. Aw, thats lovely! I bet Boo loves it. I tried to make a fairy garden in the summer, but it didn’t work out very well. I think we may have to try again. (Love the mushroom door by the way) 🙂
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

    1. Yes, I think now’s the time to pick up some bargains as people aren’t doing so much outdoors gardening – scour those garden centres!

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