Our First Visit To LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Birmingham

We have free annual passes, as we are working as ambassadors for LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Birmingham

Some of you might remember that for Christmas I made the children a family adventures jar. One of the adventures that it contained was to take them to the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Birmingham, and they pulled it out for this month. We planned to go towards the end of the holidays and then, by some wonderful sorcery, the lovely folks at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Birmingham got in touch as they would love for us to work with them this year as ambassadors – excellent timing! And having visited yesterday, we are even more delighted to be working with them as the kids had a brilliant time.

The experience begins with a ride on Kingdom Quest. Well, I now just want to go on this again and again, we all laughed so much! It’s a ride that involves shooting things as you go around, and it was a hit with all of us. The Husband won, but I will beat him one day, yes I will. We pretty much walked straight onto this, waiting no more than two minutes to ride. We did get there early, so I don’t know whether this gets a lot busier later in the day – get there early!

We then moved through to explore Birmingham’s Miniland. Miniland is one of my favourite parts of LEGOLAND Windsor so I was really looking forward to this. It was great seeing Birmingham laid out in miniature form, all created with LEGO bricks.

Amongst other things, they have covered the NEC, Cadbury World, Edgbaston cricket ground, Birmingham city centre, including the library, the Rotunda, Selfridges, and the Mailbox, Spaghetti junction, Villa Park and St Andrews, Birmingham University, and then ventured into a little of Shakespeare in Stratford and Warwick Castle. I loved every single detail. Many of the exhibits have push buttons to make things move and the lights dim as you look around, making Brum at night look amazing.

We then moved through into the main area of the Discovery Centre. Where we were surrounded by builds, LEGO bricks and activities. We didn’t know quite where to start!

There are various zones here, including a LEGO Friends area, a Ninjago area, creators workshop, master builders section, racing and more. There is also a Merlin’s Apprentice ride, soft play, 4D cinema and a coffee shop. We had lots to explore and the kids took us wherever they wanted to go.

There is a section inviting you to build your own cars and then race them down high ramps. We spent a fair bit of time there as this really seemed to capture Little Man.

When Boo spotted a sign for a meet and greet, we were all straight over. The kids were so pleased when they spotted Lloyd coming out to meet us, they love LEGO Ninjago!

After soft play, riding the ride and building more LEGO than I have seen them build in months, we made our way out and found ourselves in a LEGO shop. Whilst Little Man worked his way around asking for pretty much every single LEGO set that he spotted, I made my way to the Harry Potter section as there are so many new sets since I last looked. LEGO decor is all fun too. 

It was a fun couple of hours, and just perfect for us as we live just half an hour away. I can see us spending many a rainy morning here over the coming autumn and winter months, and even better, we have also been invited to work with the Sea Life Centre Birmingham, so we can pop over the bridge and do both in one day! These two attractions are in very close proximity, I would say they are no more than a minute walk from each other, and I did spot that they run a lot of promotions together. I would say if you are coming to visit it is worth looking to do both as the combined ticket is quite a saving, and they really are very near to one another.

Is this one that your family would enjoy?

Disclosure: We have free annual passes, as we are working as ambassadors for LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Birmingham

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6 thoughts on “Our First Visit To LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Birmingham”

    1. Oh definitely, you must venture in! My kids love the Bull Ring, the art gallery, Think Tank, the Sea Life centre, the library and now LEGOLAND too!

  1. congratulations on becoming an ambassador! We will be going to Legoland soon as I promised my kids we would go, we’ll also pop into the Sea Life Centre. Thanks for such a lovely review, I can’t wait now, I’m especially looking forward to MiniBrum.

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