Our Leaf Hunt and The Family Leaf

The sun was shining, it was dry, so we all wrapped up warm against the cold winds and took off to Kingsbury Water Park on a leaf hunt.

On arriving, Little Man had already had enough! As this was the day after he’d been up all weekend, crying and overtired due to his pesky teeth, we decided he needed his rest, so I sat in the car with him, while Boo and Daddy took to the playground. It was a fairly long nap, so she had plenty of fun, and came back to the car windswept and muddy – a sure sign of a good time! The hour passed very differently for the pair of them..


Little Man awake, we set off on our leaf hunt. I’d printed off a leaf hunt activity sheet, to help us identify and search for various trees. Boo was extremely enthused, initially, and helped me collect and spot lots of different types, but then the inevitable happened, and jumping in puddles, feeding ducks and walking in mud with a lovely, big stick became more fascinating. Fair enough – I cannot compete with those things! Though, I was still a little obsessed with finding them all, and trudged back to the car moaning as I couldn’t find one last leaf from my sheet – not one conker tree was spotted!


The following day, Boo and I decided to make our Family Leaf. We drew around some of our leaves, and Boo then enjoyed giving them faces and creating them.

leaf art

One of them was even lucky enough to have the added detail of a bottom drawn in ;-)!

Hope you’ve been getting out and about, and creating a Family Leaf?!

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54 thoughts on “Our Leaf Hunt and The Family Leaf”

  1. i would have obsessed about finding every leaf on the sheet as well, how frustrating to be one away completing it! Couldn’t find any conker trees round here either, but struck gold while on holiday!

    1. Yes, do, and share your family leaf with us 🙂 Thanks so much for thinking of her – she’s on the up today 🙂 x

  2. What a fun thing to do !! A splendid idea. I remember identifying the leaves too in infants’ school and enjoying it 🙂 We also did birds and dog breeds too-another idea for you all.

  3. Love the idea of a leaf hunt!! I am not so good with identifing them so it would be a great challenge for the boys to see who could spot the correct one first (no competitiveness in our house?!?!)

  4. I love the leaf hunt idea! I think I would have been like you tho and eager to make sure I had collected them all! Great ideas for after the leaf hunt also.


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