Our Living Room Makeover

Our living room makeover is finally complete, so I am excited to be sharing it with you today.

As you know, this is pretty much the final touch in all of our home projects, and it’s also been the biggest change. We wanted to give it a new look, including new sofas, flooring and colour scheme. We had seen some darker looking rooms that we really liked, though I was a bit worried that these would lack the cosy factor. I tend to favour neutral creams and beiges rather than greys and blues as I feel they’re warmer, but I decided to take the plunge anyway. And I am glad I did, as I love the room now.

Here’s how our living room looked a few weeks ago….

And this is it now….

Quite different! Here’s what we got up to…

Our first step in this makeover was decluttering the house and changing furniture around in the house. My books are no longer in the living room, they’re in my new look home office and we moved my writing bureau in from our hallway.

We ordered new sofas from DFS, which was one of the first things we did and it was then the final touch to the room when they arrived after an 11 week wait last week.

We chose paint colour and painted a feature wall. It’s Valspar paint, Nights Blue Arch. It took four coats but it was worth it, I love the colour. Which is fortunate as I will NEVER paint over that, can you imagine trying to cover four coats of that dark paint?!

We then added little shelves (we got them from IKEA) for photos and trinkets above the sofas. I like this little touch, it was my sister-in-law’s idea and I think it adds something a bit different to the room.

All of the lights are new, from the big feature lampshade in the centre of the room to the black wall lights to the lamp atop the writing bureau.

We laid the new flooring, a natural-looking oak laminate. I am hoping it’ll stand up well against the kids and puppy’s spills and general chaos!

Finally, we added new soft furnishings, such as the rug, cushions, curtains, throws and a new footstool.

And we’re done!

All that’s left for us to do now is actually enjoy the room, and the rest of the house now that it’s all finished. We can relax. Well, as much as you can relax with two kids and a puppy, but you know what I mean!

What do you think?

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10 thoughts on “Our Living Room Makeover”

  1. I don’t know if I’d be so brave to go that dark on your feature wall, but it does suit your room so well. It does look very cosy and classy. I have to do my living room soon and I’m so stuck for ideas. I love your writing Bureau I’ve always wanted one of those. I think you’ve done a great job..enjoy!

    1. I did feel very brave, but fortunately I do love it! Thanks very much and best of luck with your plans, I hope inspiration strikes soon x

  2. Oh amazing, I am really loving the blue. We are completely changing our look too and have gone for grey flooring for the bedrooms. I can’t wait to be at the stage when my living room is finished I am very jealous.

  3. It looks amazing Jocelyn, I love that shade of blue. I think you have done the right thing with the flooring it way more durable for little feet and paws, I really want carpets but I’m waiting until the kids are much older. Love your sofas too they look so comfy x

    1. Thanks very much, I am so pleased with how it’s all turned out. And I am already appreciating the flooring! x

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