Our Nature Detectives Outing and Wild Art

As I mentioned last week, we’ve now got a Woodland Trust family membership. This means that there was much excitement a couple of days ago when the kids’ Nature Detectives packs arrived…..

Nature Detectives Packs

The pack included an activity booklet, a bookmark, a passport and some stickers. The booklets are tailored to ages, so Boo and Little Man each had a different booklet, which they loved.

Nature Detectives Pack

We decided to go off to our nearest woodland and create our own woodland treasure chests. You can find where your nearest woodland is by searching here. We then chatted about what we would want to collect, and then what we would do with our treasure. The kids thought it would be fun to create wild art and use their nature stash for painting with. And of course, as we were visiting woodlands, there was wide open space, so there was plenty of running around! Here’s what we got up to…

Nature Detectives Outing

I love that wonder can be found in such simple activities. The children really enjoyed collecting up their nature in their own little bags, Boo had fun with the wild art (that’s a dragonfly she’s made there), and Little Man loved playing and drawing with sticks. Then to use the natural materials they had found for painting with was lots of fun and their creations were so bright and interesting.

Boo has already proudly popped her arts and crafts sticker in her passport, and has been working on some puzzles in her booklet to get her puzzles and games sticker, too. She enjoys working her way through it, and showing and guiding Little Man with his, too.

This was our first Nature Detectives outing, and I’m sure there’ll be plenty more this summer and beyond!

Would your kids enjoy these activities?

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with the Woodland Trust

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12 thoughts on “Our Nature Detectives Outing and Wild Art”

  1. What a great activity pack! They look like they’re having such a lovely time. I can see my daughter enjoying something like this. Plus anything that includes stickers is awesome in her eyes!

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