Our Perfect Holiday

When I started to ponder what would make our perfect holiday, the answer fell into two distinct camps for me – before children and after children!

Before the kids came along, the Husband and I went on a variety of holidays, each one special. There were the beach holidays, perfect for lazing around, splashing in the pool, reading books, meals out and recharging. Then we had the culture breaks, seeing the cities, appreciating the history and the art. And finally the cram-it-all-in fun times, shopping, sightseeing and theatres. We’ve relaxed whilst the Red Sea ebbed at our toes, marvelled at the treasures in the Louvre and gambled ’til dawn in Las Vegas. Every moment special, every holiday remembered.

Nowadays, our perfect holiday is wherever the kids are happiest, and to be honest that’s anywhere where we are all together. Perfect holidays are where we get to hear them giggle all day long, gasp with delight and fall into bed exhausted from their exploits and adventures.

I find looking at a holiday through the eyes of children to be beautiful. Every little thing gets them excited, from the suitcases emerging from the loft through to studying maps of our temporary new home.

What will we take on the journey? Will there be snacks and a picnic lunch?

How will we get there? We’ve yet to take them abroad, so I cannot even fathom the shrieks of delight if they’re told they are going on a plane!

How many beds are there? Which one will be mine? Can we share with each other? I wonder what it will look like?

Is there a restaurant? Can we eat out, can we, can we? 

We get to have breakfast there? Actually in the restaurant?

Can we see the sea yet? Can we paddle in it?  Can we build sandcastles?

Perfect Holidays

Ask my children what makes a perfect family holiday, and it falls into three clear areas – excitement over where they will be staying, what they will be able to do there and eating out! With that in mind, I suggested that they create some holiday boards for us, to show us what makes a perfect holiday….

Perfect Holiday board

Perfect Holiday boards

Perfect Holiday boards creating

And so we have….

Where I Can Stay

Delicious food and drink

Fun Activities

Bless Boo, she spent an age doing these and loved every moment of it. It was a real labour of love. Little Man popped along to help her briefly, but having cut out just one picture, he then became entranced by the washi tape and so we lost him to that!

Now, as soon as these were completed, Boo was quite clear that she wanted to present them to us, show and tell style, so here she is, my little 6 year old and her perfect holiday in all her own words….

Aaaah! I love how she ‘performed’ it and she was very pleased with her work.

So there you have Boo’s perfect holiday. And Little Man’s? A perfect holiday is..‘playing in the water’. OK, son, we’ll see what we can do.

What would your perfect holiday be?

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    1. Ah, thank you – she had such a fun time creating them and then was so keen to ‘perform’ them! They look just wonderful, family friendly and everything thought of to ensure you have the perfect break x

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