Our Puppy Is Now Home!

Exciting times for us as our puppy is now home with us!

If you’ve missed this news, we shared last month that we were going to be getting a puppy, and now here is here home and settling in. Our new family member is a miniature dachshund, smooth-haired, and a chocolate dapple and tan colour. We have now decided on his name, and he is called Herbie. Here he is…

He is 8 weeks old and utterly adorable.

He has got a den, several beds and soooo many toys. Being only 8 weeks, he has a very small bladder so we are spending a lot of time outside encouraging him, night and day! He has most of the kitchen to play in and the garden whilst he’s settling in, and he enjoys sofa cuddles of an evening after the kids have gone to bed.

Boo is just brilliant with him, she’s really helping with his training, taking care of him and playing with him. He’s had plenty of fresh air and play sessions already, and then he needs to crash out for a while afterwards. Unfortunately, Little Man has been unwell over the weekend so has yet to spend much time with Herbie, but I am sure he’ll make up for it as soon as he’s better.

We have Herbie’s first vet appointment this coming week and the first round of his vaccinations. I’ll be working on house training, crate training and getting him socialised this week. It is going to be a busy week and I suspect the mop will be out a lot! The kids are desperate to teach him a few tricks and spend time playing with him and his new toys so we’ll see how they get on.

Look out for my posts coming every Friday where I will share how we’ve been getting on each week and no doubt there will be plenty of photos in them! I will also share our days over on my Instagram feed, and I suspect my Instastories will be full of puppy spam as my days will be filled with training and cuddles with him. Please, if puppies aren’t your thing, skip over this puppy spam and I am sure normal service will resume shortly…well, relatively shortly!

Feel free to throw any tips or puppy anecdotes at me, it’s been over a decade since I trained a puppy. I suspect it’ll all flood back to me!

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