Our Relaxed Weekend

Here we are again. Another weekend over, and so I’m linking up with the lovely Em over at Snowing Indoors to share with you what we’ve been up to…

We’ve had a pretty relaxed one here. It was nice because we had nowhere we had to be, and no real plans in place. So we did a few things around the house, such as baking cookies, crafting, the last (we hope!) mow of the year, while Boo bounced!

weekend activities

We went to the park, as we had a little window of dry weather, so had to make the most of that! I’ll be sharing more about our visit later this week.


We visited a local crafty shopping village, which was very pretty. We admired Doug Hyde’s latest collection in a gallery (we’ve a lot of his prints, but definitely have no spare wall space – or cash! – for more!), had a snack in the courtyard, Boo admired the fountains and we really enjoyed a seasonal shop there..

craft centre

Boo was all about Halloween then, so we bought a pumpkin yesterday – need to find a recipe to do something useful with it once carved!

I squeezed in a little work, as per usual, we visited family in the afternoon and then the Husband wanted to watch the football, which meant the boys went into the lounge, so Boo and I played with her Snap ‘n’ Style dolls in the playroom, while watching Tom & Jerry 🙂

boo snap n style dolls

As I say, a pretty relaxed one. As always, it’s flown by! What have you been up to?

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12 thoughts on “Our Relaxed Weekend”

  1. Trampolines really are the best invention ever, they tire the kids out AND keep them corralled when the lawn is being mown 😉
    The courtyard of that shopping village is beautiful, love finding places like that
    Thanks for joining in with Point + Shoot xx

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