Our Summer Activities List

As we roll into July, my thoughts are turning to the summer holidays. They are nearly upon us, and I really want to make the most of them with the kids. I’ve had a little think and put together our summer activities list. The children have contributed their ideas, of course, so we’ll now take this list and spread out the fun over the school holidays. 

We want to have a mix of days out, catching up with friends and family and activities we can do when we’re just relaxing at home. Here’s what we have so far, I am sure the list will grow….

Black Country Museum

We live in Birmingham, very close to this, and yet we have never been. How can this be?!

We want to visit somewhere new and I think this will be a fun day out for the children.

As a bonus, we are Peaky Blinders fans, so hoping to see Charlie’s yard! 

Complete a reading challenge

We tend to do this each summer. The kids usually find one online, but if they don’t, I’ll put one together for them.

The online ones are good as there are often interactive games, polls and quizzes when they log on, and they like to share their little reviews of their books. 

A mini-break or two

These are all booked and planned in. 

We have a few days away in Dorset to look forward to, and then a little later in the summer,  a couple of nights in the Cotswolds. 

We’ve had a look around the areas we’re staying and have started to make a few plans of what we can do there. We always like to explore nearby National Trust sites, and then we’ll take in a few family attractions and mooch around surrounding towns and countryside. 

Conquer a new video game!

We will buy a new game for the break, one that they both want to play.

It will be fun to conquer a new game!

Visit a Castle

The kids have Blue Peter badges and there are a number of castles that they can visit for free, so we will no doubt choose one or two to visit over the break.

Castles are great places for the kids to run about and explore, whilst also indulging my love of history. I always sneak a bit of history info in there as we look around!

Play dates 

Of course!

The kids have let me know all of the people that they’d like to catch up with over the summer, so I need to get on to arranging those.

Picnics, buffets and takeaways

Food was always going to feature. It’s all part of the fun, isn’t it?!

Lunch is always so much more exciting if it’s a buffet they can pick from, a picnic in the garden or the park, or perhaps a takeaway. 

These will liven up those days when we are just lounging around at home. 

Visit a zoo or wildlife park

We always like to take in a zoo or wildlife park during the holidays so I need to get one booked in.

We will be close to the Cotswold Wildlife Park on our mini break, so I’m thinking that’s the one to go for. We’ve visited a few times and always enjoy our days out there. 

RSPB nature reserve

We recently started visiting our local reserve and as the children enjoy our walks there, we joined as RSPB members.

I think we’ll explore a few more over the summer, near and far. They are always relaxing walks and the kids take seed with them to try to lure a few birds!

Visit the seaside

We haven’t been to the seaside for a couple of years. 

Well, correction, three of us haven’t, my daughter has just been with school, lucky her! Living right in the middle of the country doesn’t make seaside days out very accessible, and of course with the restrictions on travel we’ve had, it’s been even less accessible than normal. 

We just want to breathe in that sea air, have fish and chips on the seafront and perhaps a little rock pooling too. We’re not picky about where it is, just the coast somewhere!

We’re staying in north Dorset for a few days so I think that’ll be our chance to drive south and have a nice day out at the seaside. 

I need to get all of this planned in, booked where need be, and onto the calendar now!

What will you be up to over the summer? 


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    1. They’re so simple, aren’t they, but easy summer fun. I hope you have some nice plans lined up too x

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