Our Weekend

The lovely Em over at Snowing Indoors is asking us to share a little of our weekend, in photos with her. So, here’s a flavour of ours…

It was mainly about this…


It was Boo’s birthday on Thursday, which of course meant we were still opening presents, seeing family, playing with new toys and generally celebrating all weekend 🙂

As she’s now all grown-up!, she wanted her toddler bed extending to it’s full single bed size, so daddy got that sorted for her…


We planted up some mimosa seeds that she’d had for her birthday..


We went out for a stroll, which involved collecting buttercups, looking for crickets, and playing Pooh Sticks…


And I had a load of new cards in that I got sorted and started to deal with a big increase in orders – not complaining!..


So there you have it. A whistle-stop tour of The Reading Residence this weekend! What have you been up to?

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14 thoughts on “Our Weekend”

  1. Ah happy birthday (belated!) wishes to your daughter – ah the transformation to ‘big bed’, much excitement in your house I bet!

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