Outdoor Tuff Spot Painting

The children love getting out into the garden as much as they can, as do I. They bake inย their mudpie kitchen, blow bubbles, ride about on their scooters and bikes, play with their croquet, golf and balls, jump on their trampoline and tootle in and out of their little playhouse. Oh, and dig up my flowers – that bit is not so good! Something that they’ve yet to do outside, is play with their tuff spot. On a whim, I thought we’d try it…

If you’ve no idea what a tuff spot is, it’s basically a cement mixing tray. We bought one recently and have used it a few times indoors, and you may have seen my Tuff Spot Recycling Play post. It’s sturdy and great for getting outside, so I popped it out onto the lawn while the kids were busy with their kitchen, placed lining paper across it (just tuck the ends under each edge to keep it in place) and then popped a few paintbrushes and plastic eggs in it to create with and added paint. There you go, in a few minutes you have an activity guaranteed to elicit squeals of delight when they see it and then fits of giggles once they get going with it.

Outdoor Tuff Spot Painting

After, I’d say, 2 minutes, I recognised that I might need to take the kids shoes off so that they didn’t get covered in paint drips. Around 30 seconds after that, it seemed wise to remove Little Man’s trousers, too! Now, that prompted him to look down and notice his feet, and so…

outdoor tuff spot painting 1

Well, you just would, wouldn’t you?! It was lovely to see him take the lead here, rather than his big sister, and she soon followed suit, of course! And once they’d painted the tops of their feet, they stood in it to get their soles primed for footprints..

outdoor tuff spot painting 2

Though Little Man preferred to make his marks on the grass..

outdoor tuff spot painting 3

So then they both ran around ‘painting’ the grass and then the playhouse, for some reason. It all washes off easily, and actually, wiping it off kept them very entertained, too.

My in-laws popped round in the middle of all of this, so the children alternated between painting and coming to see what Nanny and Grandad were doing, and then back to the tuff spot again.

They were so happy! I made sure that the back door was closed so that they couldn’t wander inside and make a mess, so I was relaxed! After about an hour of this, which is quite a long time to occupy my two, I took them straight up to the bath, where they also had a whale of a time, playing with their water flutes in their huge pile of bubbles.

A fun, impromptu activity that we’ll definitely do again as it was so simple to both set up and tidy away and they absolutely loved it.

Do you paint outside? Do you have rainbow grass?!

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40 thoughts on “Outdoor Tuff Spot Painting”

  1. What lovely messy fun! We do sometimes paint outside, and yes we do get rainbow grass. Still, better than a rainbow carpet. ๐Ÿ™‚ Popping over from #Countrykids

  2. I’ve heard of the tuff spot too, but haven’t bought one for T yet. She loves painting in the garden too, but usually on a table. I bet she will love the idea of painting on the grass… Perhaps, it’s time to purchase one? #CountryKids.

  3. Looks like a fun time for painting. When my son was little, I kept an inflatable pool in the kitchen. He could sit inside it and paint or play with dried beans & scoops or play with small amounts of water & pitchers while I fixed dinner. The sides of the little pool helped contain the mess. Of course we used the pool outside, too.

  4. I really want to try this… but I keep chickening out! I thought that once our garden was done and looking nice, that we could do it, but now I don’t want to get paint on our new patio! I know I being daft and that it would wash off, and actually, having the tuff spot on the grass would be a good idea. I’m glad to see they had so much fun with it, I may actually get around to doing it soon too! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx #countrykids

    1. It will wash off! I don’t like mess either, but as it was outside and washable paint, I was fine & they loved it so much!

    1. There was no other option, Kriss – they just went for it! I was quite happy for them to do what they wanted anyway, in the safety of being outside!

  5. Love the idea of rainbow grass! The tuff spot is such an ingenious item with many uses, it looks like your children had a wonderful creative and fun time. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  6. Fab idea and it looks like they had a lot of fun. Always good to get covered in paint! I must do some big painting with my kids.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  7. Great use of your tuff spot. I would’ve washed them off with a hose pipe ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ve not used ours for painting yet but it does look like lots of fun #letkidsbekids

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