#Paperhaul Review & Give-Away

Today is a #BringBackPaper day here on the blog, so I’m bringing you details of a pretty stationery subscription service, #Paperhaul, along with offering two of you the chance to win a 3 month subscription…

OK, before I get sharing what I received in my box this month, I will issue a *Spoiler Alert*! I know the boxes for June haven’t all gone out yet, so look away now if you’re expecting one and don’t want your surprise ruined.

#Paperhaul introduces it’s boxes… Are you a paper addict who loves snailmail and happypost?

#paperhaul is a box that brings you a surprise and exclusive collection of high quality design-led postcards, tags, stickers, craft papers and more, all lovingly assembled into a different theme each month. 

The first thing that struck me about my package is that it is handily sized to fit through your letterbox. I did have that presence of thought before I eagerly ripped it open to see the pretty stationery! Here’s what I found…..

#paperhaul box

#paperhaul box contents

#paperhaul box stationery

The Contents:

I received 3 postcards, 2 big and 3 small greetings cards, 2 sheets of craft paper, a sheet of stickers, 2 larger stickers, 3 gift tags and a roll of washi tape. I believe that’s a fairly typical selection for a monthly box, and you can see the contents of past boxes over on their website. Plenty to keep me going anyway!

All items are of a good quality and original designs, along with being themed, as you can see. Boxes are themed differently every month, which I think is a lovely idea. The cards and postcards feel thick and not at all flimsy, and the sheet of ice cream and ice lolly stickers you can see there are nice and glossy. As a regular letter writer, I can see me being able to use every item from the box this month. I’m also quite aware of the value of quality stationery, so can see that this is worth the subscription price.

The Details:

Subscriptions are £10 per month and ship worldwide, all with additional postage prices (it’s £2 P&P here in the UK). There’s no contract, and there are also 3 and 6 month gift subscription options available. For every #paperhaul box sold, 10p is also donated to Post Pals, which is a charity that you may remember me sharing with you here. If you’re liking what you see, you can follow #Paperhaul on Twitter, and find out more about the subscriptions here.

The Verdict:

For me, I think this would be something I’d do as one-off treats here and there and can definitely see the appeal as a gift option, too. I like the concept of a surprise package full of papery delights turning up like this and brightening your day, and I’d also be confident now that I would actually make use of everything in it, too. I do sometimes spend £12 a month on stationery, but not necessarily every month and sometimes I find that part of the fun is in the choosing. So it would depend upon my stationery mood as to whether I went for one of these sometimes as a treat, or whether I indulged in a little shopping spree myself. Both are equally fun!

The Competition:

As promised, I do now have two 3 month subscriptions up for grabs for two of my readers. If you’re already subscribing, or just want to dive in and do so now, that’s all fine as if you win, you’ll still get your free 3 months. To be in with a chance, enter using the rafflecopter below. The give-away ends at 12am 8th July 2015, open to UK entrants only. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What appeals to you about a #Paperhaul subscription?

Disclosure: I received a #Paperhaul box FOC for the purposes of this post, though all words and opinions remain my own

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137 thoughts on “#Paperhaul Review & Give-Away”

    1. I can see myself dipping into these once in a while as I do like the surprise element, but then I also like to go on a little stationery spree 🙂 xx

  1. I love the idea of getting that variety of stationery every month – we don’t have many good stationery shops nearby without driving for at least 40 minutes so I don’t get to go very often. It would be nice for new and exciting stuff to come to me instead 😉

  2. I love surprises and I love stationery so what could be better! Thank you for the review! I hadn’t heard of this company!

  3. I’m a recent convert to pretty stationary. I’ve bought pretty much everything in one of the current Wilkinsons ranges! So many lovely things in the #paperhaul box 🙂

  4. Always a nice change to get happy mail through the door, rather than bills or junk mail. The element of surprise with Paperhaul is a big plus too!

  5. I like monthly subscription boxes (toys/snacks etc). The surprise each month is great and they make lovely gifts for people. I didn’t know they did such things as these!

  6. I love the idea of these subscription stationery boxes and have considered them in the past. I shall have a browse now of #Paperhaul. Enjoy your yummy Ice cream themed stationery!

  7. I’m already a #paperhaul subscriber and absolutely love it! Beautiful stationery popping through my letterbox every month! What’s not to love?! It’s encouraged me to take time to write to my family and friends too instead of sending a quick text. Highly recommended! (I don’t mind the spoiler! I’m so impatient it appeases me until my parcel arrives!)

    1. Anything that encourages people to use more paper and send more happy mail has to be a lovely, special thing 🙂

  8. I have a bit of an addiction to stationery and snail mail so the idea of receiving a boxful of lovely goodies through post every month really appeals to me – especially as it’s contents would be a complete surprise x

  9. Oh wow!! Not I am a total stationery addict, and I LOVE surprise boxes so this really appeals to me. I suppose the surprise element is my favourite thing – what stationery addict wouldnt love a surprise parcel every month?!

  10. Isabel O'Brien

    Because I have a scrapbook which I add lots of different things to and paper stock stuff is always helpful to add to my stash!

  11. Love receiving funky snail mail……even better to send it. Like the idea of the themed boxes, makes sure you don’t always choose the same things.

  12. hi, I popped across from IG. I’ve been following craftycreatives / paperhaul for a while now and their boxes look lush. I love all paper and may have to purchase one!!

  13. I love to send lovely cards and notes to fellow ibd sufferers as I know how much this can brighten a day especially when in hospital. Its a lovely feeling to recive a note and know that someone cares enough to send it.

  14. I adore pretty paper items and stationary. I don’t think you can beat handwritten letters etc i have a collection of different coloured/textured papers/ envelopes ao i would love this! (Fingers crossed)

  15. I think this is a brilliant idea! I love stationary and think this would be lovely to receive every month! Something to look forward to 🙂 x

  16. I already have 2 monthly subscription boxes but I do love getting random surprises through the post so could probably be tempted by one of these…

  17. What an amazing idea! I love stationery, and have boxes of tape, writing paper and stickers I bought in Japan. This would encourage me to send more snail mail 🙂

  18. Everything!!! I love stationery and pretty things like this really calls to me. I have seen a few stationery-style boxes around and it’s difficult to decide which one to go for. I would love to win as it would help me make a decision. Thank you for hosting this fab giveaway 🙂 xx

  19. It looks great! I love the idea of having a surprise through my letter box every month and I love stationery so it would be great for me! x x x

  20. I like the idea of receiving it every month and with new products in it will encourage me and my children to create and make more

  21. Receiving something nice through the post really brightens up my day. I like the variety of #Paperhaul and love that there is a different theme each month.

  22. I like the element of surprise but knowing I’d have a supply of lovely cards for birthdays or just to sent as day brightener to someone, plus the challenge of deciding what to make with the craft items.

  23. Brilliant idea and you can’t have enough stationary, besides I wouldn’t keep hold of them for long my daughter would have them away she loves anything like this. Beautiful designs and looks like it comes with everything you would need! x

  24. Being a snail mail enthusiast I adore the concept of this .. a perfect monthly gift through the post. The price makes it an affordable monthly treat.

  25. I’m a bit of an OCD and stationery geek so this subscription is like a dream to me! I am already obsessed with anything unique stationery wise so it feels like a birthday present looking at this!

  26. I have always been obsessed with stationary – I have no idea why and now I have passed the obsession onto my teenage daughter.

  27. Elizabeth Hinds

    They’re lovely!! I love mail – both sending and receiving, and surprise mail is even better! 🙂

  28. Sarah Taylor-Fergusson

    The design quality – of the typography used and the illustrations used. Also the colour printing quality. It’s all first rate looking.

  29. Because a few of my friends live overseas and we alway write to each other and this would make my letters more happy

  30. I adore stationary, notebooks and pens, I find it hard to walk past any of them without cooing and oohhing. This would help curb my impulses, okay, okay it will help feed my addiction!

    Thanks for the chance to win a great prize & good luck all!

  31. I am a stationery addict! And I also enjoy scrapbooking and card making so this would be just perfect!

  32. I like boxes like this as when it comes to buying items I need I never know which to go for, with these boxes, you get a nice surprise and no need to stand looking in the shop for ages, deciding what to buy.

  33. Like you I love the idea of the surprise, but equally love to stroke and choose my stationery myself. I haven’t heard of this company before, I will have to have a nosey!

  34. Vickie Jackson

    I love the idea of different stationery that I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen myself 🙂

  35. I’ve been thinking about Paperhaul for a while, but not quite been brave enough to try it. Looks like you got a really nice summer-themed haul! What a great incentive to send some cards to your faraway friends 🙂

  36. Monica Gilbert

    It would be fun to have some new things to try. I always feel guilty taking too much time browsing in stores.

  37. I like the idea of getting unusual stationery as the stationery shops near me sell the same old stuff. I would hope they would choose products from small companies/designers.

  38. I like the idea that you get to try different stationary which you might not possible choose yourself 🙂

  39. My collectors instinct is going wild for this! Altho I’d probably end up thinking everything was way too nice to use!!

  40. Kerry Kilmister

    I love stationary and it’s exciting thinking of surprises coming through the post every month for me to experiment with

  41. This is such a lovely idea…I was not aware of it until I read urblog! like everyone else here I love the real deal of paper pens pencils…I so much prefer writing and receiving snail mail compared to email. at the moment I’m addicted to Charles Renee macintosh stationary..and being from Scotland there is many different styles and qualities available… anyway thank for foe the lovely comp and good luck everyone

  42. I love good quaity paper goods and these seem to fit the bill brilliantly. Also it is great to have cards “in hand” for those unexpected or nearly forgotten occasions

  43. Victoria Prince

    The appeal for me is I love getting a surprise and it would make me think outside the box by having to come up with projects based on resources, rather than the other way round!

  44. Apart from loving pretty stationery, I love it that they make donations to Postpals, which is a charity I support, too, by taking part in their “monthly projects”

  45. I love the element of surprise. Not knowing what you’re going to get makes receiving and opening so exciting – like an extra birthday gift at another time of year!

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