Papery Peep April 2015

I do enjoy Papery Peep time! If you’re new here, I run this as part of my #BringBackPaper campaign, on the last Wednesday of every month. I share papery photos and invite people to do the same, by way of the linky below, or just share them over on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with me if you’re not a blogger. This week also happens to be National Stationery Week, too, so if ever there was a time to share your paper with us, it is now!

Now this month there’s been more papery photos than usual, as I’ve been running #30DaysOfPaper over on Instagram. I like to do this two or three times a year, as it’s a lovely way to get thinking about the paper you have around you, or use every day, and it’s fun to share it and see people’s photos. These were amongst my most popular pictures…

For #Pretty, a favourite writing set

pretty paper

For #Love, a few little bits

Love paper

For #Patterned, a small selection from my washi tape collection

pretty washi tape

My Read Write Create in April:

This month I’ve managed to Read a fair few books, which has been just lovely and a great way to switch off. Here’s what I’ve been reading…

books read in april

I’m enjoying moving from genre to genre with each read, which keeps things interesting. I’d bought the two Katie Fforde books together, but read Snowblind in between them to break it up. Eloisa James is a favourite author of mine, and Four Nights with the Duke was a long-awaited pre-order which didn’t disappoint. It’d been a while since I’d read a Dean Koontz book, and this one reminded me of how great a writer he is, as it totally drew me in despite it being written in the first person which I rarely like. I think I’ll read another of his next month. I really liked Pretty Little Things, so will be seeking out more Jilliane Hoffman books from now on, too. It’s been a good reading month, as I did enjoy them all.

Write has been a lot more of the same here. I’ve been writing to my lovely pen pals and I’m keeping on top of my line a day journal and I even remembered to take it away on holiday with us. I’m no longer writing in our happy notebook, as Boo has taken that one over, and it’s great to see her thinking up our three happy things each evening, and enjoying the task of writing them down. My new addition to writing is my new Dodo pad, that I’m now using as a menu planner…

dodo pad planner

Best get cracking on next week’s meals soon!

For Create, well I surprised myself on this one by being quite creative and giving a pocket letter a go…

pocket letter ideas

It was really fun to do, and once I got into it, I found myself becoming more creative with each pocket and it was quite relaxing, too. I wrote a post on how to make these if you fancy having a go yourself.

So now it’s over to you guys as I ask you to share some of your paper from this month in a blog post and link it up below. Please do add the #BringBackPaper badge from my sidebar there to your posts, and comment on as many of the other linked up posts as you can, thanks!

Linky closes at midnight Tuesday 5th May

What paper have you been enjoying this month? Any great books read, pretty paper purchased?

Do pop by next week to find out how to get involved with May’s papery activity…

The Reading Residence

The Reading Residence

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12 thoughts on “Papery Peep April 2015”

  1. So many lovely things and I love your creations, they look really pretty. I really do need to buy some washi tape, I have no idea what I would do with it but it looks so pretty

  2. One of my thoughts when I read your Papery Peeps is where on earth do you keep all your books? Do you have a library in your house?

    Washi tape is something I keep meaning to buy more of and use more of but never do really. It’s so pretty.

    Love that writing set xx

    1. Oh, to have a library in my house! The dream! Nope, just bookshelves that get full. I only keep certain books, and then rotate others by swapping with my mum and sister-in-law or taking to the charity shop. I never re-read thrillers, for example, so they all get passed on.

      I bought more washi tape yesterday. I haven’t counted how many I have as I fear it will tell my mind to stop buying it and that would sadden me! I do use it, but not at the rate that I buy it…

      Thank you x

  3. That writing kit is beautiful – sorry I’ve been so rubbish at taking part in #30daysofpaper this time round, next time I’ll try harder 😉 Your reading puts mine to shame as well, but I’ve enjoyed the two I’ve read, thanks for hosting x

    1. Thank you, and no worries at all, it can be tricky to keep up. I’d only read a couple last month, but I’ve been into it more this month, which I’ve loved 🙂 x

  4. I love that pocket letter – really must give one of these a try! Have been enjoying joining in with #30daysofpaper and seeing everyone’s papery photos – that writing set is so pretty and I love all your washi tape – definitely need more washi in my life! 🙂

  5. It has been a wonderful papery month for us all. I have enjoyed following your instagram challenge ( a dodgy phone put the end to me completing it all 🙁 )
    Your pocket letter is amazing and inspired me to add little letters in my scrap book pockets x

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