Papery Peep August 2016

The end of the month is upon us, which means it’s Papery Peep time.

I’ve read so many books this month! A sure sign that university is out and I’d worked ahead because of having the kids at home with me. Free time meant reading time! I did also pop to the library, mainly for the children, but I came out with a handful of books, too, so I have had plenty to keep my busy. I’ve just looked back over my book journal and I’ve read 12 books this month, which surprised me a bit. I’ll no doubt be back to averaging four a month again from next month, as studies recommence and blog work returns to normal. Of the eleven, I’ve enjoyed every single one of them, which is probably why I’ve read so much. I’d definitely recommend Lucy Diamond’s The Secrets of Happiness if you like chick lit, Unleash the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon if you like a paranormal romance and if you enjoy thrillers, Tess Gerritsen’s Die Again.

For this month’s Peep, I want to introduce you to my new desk area. You may have seen my desk tour a few weeks ago, so you’ll know that I worked from a computer desk in a corner of the kitchen. My stationery stores were scattered around the house, with a cupboard for my snail mail in the living room, various notebooks in my stationery chest and my desk housing bits and bobs, too. Well, I have moved and it is all so much better! The main problem I had being in the kitchen, is though I loved overlooking my garden, the sunlight shone brightly in there which meant that on sunny days seeing the screen was difficult. So I cleared out a fair few toys in the playroom (shh, don’t tell the kids, I don’t think they’ve realised yet how many toys have gone!) and created my own space in there….

My Home Office

My many, many writing sets….

My Writing Sets

A fair few notebooks. These are all of the blank ones, but I’m sure I’ll find uses for them really soon…! On the shelf beneath them is a butterfly box full of washi tape and my snail mail box.

My notebooks

My university work all in one place. Various books and then I keep my study books and notes in that big box there.

My Uni Work

I now have drawers aplenty, basically all full of stationery supplies. Totally necessary.

My Stationery

I love it. It feels so spacious, I have everything that I need easily to hand and I can see the screen at all times! I also like that I’m in the playroom so my boy can be happily playing on the rug behind me if I’ve a few emails to send whilst he’s home with me. My little guinea pigs are also in there with me, so I chat to them whilst I work – yes, I adore them!

This month over on YouTube I’ve also shared my bookshelf tour, a book haul, envelope art for the unartistic and a stationery haul so there’s plenty to Peep at there, if you fancy it.

So what about you? How’s your month been in paper? Feel free to link up any papery blogs, vlogs or Instagram photos below, showing us your paper!

The linky is open until midnight 6th September 2016. And if you’re linking up a blog post, please do pop the badge on and spread the word! Thanks.

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7 thoughts on “Papery Peep August 2016”

  1. Oh I love the print you have on the wall. My best friend invested in two and they are my absolute favourite. Well done on getting so many books read- that’s truly impressive! And I’m loving your space- I’m very envious of the organisation. One day 🙂

  2. I love it – SO much better to have everything in one place – from a practical and a psychological point of view. It’s a win-win for you and your little boy too.

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