Papery Peep March 2016

It’s Papery Peep! Time for me to share with you my papery world this month, and I have to say, it’s been fairly busy on the paper front.

Mother’s Day brought me hand made cards from my little ones, along with a Paperchase treat…

Mother's Day cards and gift

And I also received a Waterstones gift card, so I made my way to Waterstones that very afternoon and picked up…

Mother's day books

A little later in the month, I simply could not resist a few bargains that I spotted, and as they were in the name of my OU course, I really had no choice but to buy them…

history book bargains

These three were less than a tenner put together. You see, no choice?

My good friend Iona (Redpeffer) popped over for a cuppa and a catch up, and bought books with her – the best kind of guest?! So we both swapped a few reads and I ended up with this lovely little bundle…

books swapped

I did then post this snap on Instagram a couple of weeks back as I was taking a tea break whilst planning my penultimate Open University assignment. I was surrounded by paper and post-it notes! It is now all written and submitted, phew.

Assignment time

I’ve received some lovely letters this month, all pretty and newsy, so just perfect. I’ve also taken out a subscription to the BBC History magazine, and I’ve enjoyed reading the first one that arrived last weekend.

On my #BringBackPaper Pledge:

I’ve read 5 books this month, so still on track. It’s actually felt quite slow, as I read three quickly then the fourth took a while, then I sped through the fifth. I read Gone by Mo Hayder, The Year I Met You by Cecelia Ahern, The Wedding Trap by Tracy Anne Warren, The King’s Daughter by Christie Dickason and The Last Letter From Your Lover by Jojo Moyes. I found the first two to be better than the third and fourth and I really enjoyed my first Jojo Moyes book. I have still managed to resist buying stationery. Of course it helped that I had some as a gift, and received my Happy Paper Club box and National Stationery Week bundle, but even so, I have resisted purchasing!

So how about you? Do share any papery posts here, whether they be books, paper crafts, planners, stationery picks – it all goes.

The linky will close at midnight Tuesday 5th April 2016.

How’s your month been in paper?

Oh, and do pop back next week when I’ll be launching a stationery swap!

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8 thoughts on “Papery Peep March 2016”

  1. Oh lots of lovely books to read! I have done well on the reading front this month too and am currently on book number 5 although not sure I shall finish it before the end of March. Lovely your Mother’s Day goodies too 🙂

  2. So many books! Love looking all the covers and thinking what ones I need! Taming of the queen is next on my list for sure I just keep finding other places that need my pennies grr the book next to it looks great too!

  3. Beautiful cards by Boo and Little Man! Definitely something to treasure. I’m (almost!) on course with my goal of 7 books this year (no where near yours of course!). Your book shelves must be bowing or charity bags must be bursting at the seams with all your books 🙂 Thanks for hosting #PaperyPeep

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