Papery Peep May 2015

Another month has gone by, so it’s time to take a Papery Peep again.

Papery Peep is my monthly #BringBackPaper campaign linky, where I welcome you to take a little look at my month in paper, and invite you to do the same. It opens on the last Wednesday of every month.

These are my new paper additions for this month:

I popped to a garden centre and spotted this gorgeous writing set in there. And it was a bargain at £2.99, so I really had no choice but to buy it.

new writing set

I won a Twitter competition run by Banner as part of National Stationery Week, so Boo and I shared out a bundle of stationery together..

banner stationery win

I ordered a couple of new books which have just arrived. Can’t wait to read them!

coming up roses & the doris day vintage film club

OK, so you’d be forgiven for not getting too excited over this papery package that arrived last week…

OU study books

I’ve registered to study a History module with the OU from October, so thought I’d best get my set books in and get a head start. I’ll dip in and out over the coming weeks, I think.

I’m also very excited as we ordered a new bookcase earlier this month and it’s due to arrive this week. It will be full of my books and my writing sets and snail mail bits and bobs. A bookcase full of papery treats. I’ll no doubt Instagram it once it’s sorted, so keep an eye out for it!

Read: I thought I’d barely read anything this month, but I checked my book journal, and it turns out I have actually read four books…

books read may

I also read a couple of magazines that my mum passed on to me. I rarely buy magazines as I tend to favour reading books, but I like to browse through them from time to time.

Write: I’ve been writing letters, of course, and my journal. I also spent a little time writing down some ideas and blog plans, too. I always find I ‘think’ better when I put pen to paper.

Create: Both of my creates this month are around snail mail. I enjoyed putting together my package for this month’s Post It! swap, and I loved helping Boo create a letter to a new pen pal this month. It involved pictures, bright colours, stickers and fun facts. I might do a similar thing for my pen pals next month!

So what about you? Come tell us about your month in paper by linking up here now. Grab my #BringBackPaper badge from the sidebar, comment on a few other posts, too, and I will visit and tweet out all linked up, too. Let’s enjoy some paper!

Linky closes at midnight Tuesday 2nd June 2015

Do be sure to pop by next week, too, for details of June’s #BringBackPaper activity.

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19 thoughts on “Papery Peep May 2015”

    1. It’s fun to do with little ones, isn’t it? Nice to see their enthusiasm for stationery! Thank you, not picked them up yet! x

  1. Oooh looks like you have read some nice books this month, I am really trying to get my reading mojo back – I think I might actually be on my 3rd book this month which is progress! 🙂

    1. Ah, that’s good going! I go through patches like that, too, but it sounds like your mojo is back 🙂

  2. Wow! That stationery is lovely and £2.99 is the bargain of the century!

    What a lovely papery month you’ve had, very excited for you for your bookcase, I can’t wait to see it. Our bookcase has broken – of course I’m being blamed for overloading it with books (which I have!)

    Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful linky and allowing us to share our paper treasures xx

    1. I know, what a bargain! Thanks, it’s arriving Friday, so hoping we’ll get it assembled over the weekend – I will no doubt share! x

  3. Wow, so many linkers Jocelyn. Where to start?! Okay, yours 😉 You always amaze by how much you read, not to mention write and generally ‘do’. Sleep clearly comes way down on your list! Lovely to read your papery catch-up, as ever 🙂

  4. Ooohhhh that writing set is beautiful! I love a bit of stationary, although don’t use it as much as I should! I had pen pals as a child and I loved it, but no longer have anyone to write to really as they would all rather just text :/

  5. That writing set is divine, and what a bargain!! Well done on your win too, I like papery competitions 😉

    I’m getting terribly behind on reading but still loving being in a post circle, also loving washi tape at last! 🙂 x

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