Papery Peep November – A Smiggle Special!

It’s that time again already when I ask you to come take a Papery Peep with me, and I invite you to share any papery loveliness yourselves by linking up.

This has been a lovely month for paper here, as I’ve been getting through quite a few books, catching up with my snail mail, I’m loving the #30DaysOfPaper I’m running over on Instagram and I had an invitation to a new stationery shop opening – eek! To say I was excited was an understatement, of course, and even more so because I decided to take Boo and make this a little evening girlie trip. We rarely go out, just the two of us, and never at night! She was excited by all of the Christmas lights she saw en route, and then absolutely loved the shop itself! So, let me share with you our Smiggle outing……

A Little Smiggle Info:
Smiggle, the world’s hottest stationery brand, was born in 2003. The ultimate creators of colourful, fun, fashion-forward stationery. The first Smiggle store opened in Melbourne, Australia and word spread fast about the bright pens, notebooks and gadgets that filled a tiny, but very special place. The concept took off and the company soon hit 20 stores, where it caught the eye of the Just Group – Australasia’s most exciting fashion & apparel retailer. Smiggle joined the Just Group in August 2007 and has not looked back since! In 2008 Smiggle jumped the seas and opened its first international store in New Zealand. In 2011 Smiggle expanded into Singapore, and in 2014 Smiggle opened its doors in the UK! It’s all part of the grand plan to be the world’s most exciting and famous stationery brand.

We went along to the launch of the new Bull Ring, Birmingham store. I’d seen a Smiggle before, a few months ago in Leicester, and loved it there, so knew what to expect and that Boo would be very happy there, too. Their stores are light and bright, with stacks of bold and funky colours, with something you just want to grab and explore within an arm’s reach all the way round! They stock a huge range of stationery, primarily aimed at the kids market, but let’s be honest, I adored it, too. From scented pencils to cute little satchels, from games to key rings, it kinda has it all!

Smiggle Bull Ring7

Smiggle Bull Ring2

Smiggle Bull Ring

smiggle scribble

Smiggle Bull Ring5

Smiggle Bull Ring4

Smiggle Bull Ring6

photo 5 (66)

Boo was basically filling up her basket all the way round! I had to negotiate a few things back out, and I managed to sneakily buy a few things while she was distracted so have put some things away for her for Christmas, too. Here’s what she went for, and is delighted with…

Smiggle Boo's purchases

That pinartstar is hugely popular here. Both kids can often be found with it in their hands!

I had these scented gel pens, which are just fabulous. Obviously, I’ve already been writing with them and they write so well, and just look at the array of colours, from pastels to glittery…

Smiggle Scented Gel Pens

And my favourite gift? I now have the perfect advent calendar for me!

Smiggle  Advent Calendar

The rest of the family will have chocolate treats each day, whereas I will have stationery- hooray!

So yes, it’d be fair to say Boo and I are Smiggle fans!

They’ve now got 16 stores in the UK, with 2 more opening this year, and with plans to have 200 nationwide next year, there’s bound to be a Smiggle near you soon! What do you think of Smiggle?

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Disclosure: We received some of the stationery items FOC (though also purchased a fair few!) and all words and opinions remain my own.

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