Papery Peep September

Oh, I’ve enjoyed paper this month! I’ve also seen plenty of it, with Boo starting school and getting letters and forms home practically every day! It was Little Man’s birthday, too, so he had lots of cards and pretty gift wrap, which is a more exciting kind of paper! My snail mailing has also been going well, with loads of letters going back and forth, and I do really enjoy sitting down to both read and write them. And Boo joined me at the weekend by writing her own letter to my mum, which was totally adorable and she did brilliantly with her writing, too. She then washi taped the envelope – I’m so proud!

Boo letter writing

The kids have enjoyed new stickers and a new kids magazine, along with buying some new books this month.

storytime magazine

The one thing that I’ve done less of this month is read. I mean, I’ve still read books, but I’m only on my third one this month, which is quite a slow month for me (I even had to check in my book journal for what I’d read, as they didn’t leap out at me). When I get out of the reading habit, I need a book to kick me swiftly back into it, so I tend to re-read an old favourite. That way, it’ll be read in a couple of days, and I’m back wanting to read and read and read some more! So, I thought I’d share with you some of those go-to books….

my go-to reads

If in doubt, I’ll most likely grab a Julia Quinn, Eloisa James or Sarah MacLean book. They’re funny and feel-good, with a great smattering of earls and big old houses! These have all been read a fair few times, and I have many other well-thumbed titles by these ladies, too.

As I wrote in Do You Judge a Reader by their Cover? my absolute favourite genre is regency romance – I just love it. I read a pretty wide range of books and I enjoy the variety, so a typical pattern for me might be a horror, then a chick lit, then a thriller, then a regency, then a wild card – some book I randomly picked up to try.

What are your go-to pick me up reads? And if you’re a regency fan, too, which are your favourite titles?

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16 thoughts on “Papery Peep September”

  1. Shame you haven’t read much. I tend not to re-read books, thinking there are so many new ones to discover! However, there are times when I can’t get in to reading because I can’t concentrate, so it might be an idea. After all, I re-watch favourite films because they’re comfortable and familiar, and books are no different in that regard. Thanks for the idea! x

    1. Ah yes, I know what you mean there, but there’s something comforting and cheery about snuggling up with an old favourite, and yes, much like re-watching a film. Enjoy! x

  2. Bless the pic of Boo writing her letters, far too cute! I love the idea of a reading/book journal, I really need to keep track of the books I want to read. You know what is shocking, I have never bought washi tape!! xx

  3. I am trying to get back on track with my snail mail, but I am ashamed of my stationary! So I am going to try to make some more this weekend hopefully! I love lazy days with stamps and paints and felts making stationary! I want to try to make a stationary box too this time round.

  4. Boo is so engrossed in her writing! That is really sweet. I love reading, too, but have not read so much in the past couple of weeks as I needed an easy read and didn’t know what to go for. I have had a few suggestions from friends and have bought 3 books. A bit of teenage fiction for now!

    1. I have around 30 favourites that I like to re-read – in fact I’m off to re-read another one now! Yes, Boo and I will be writing again tomorrow 🙂

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