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Pen Pal Sign Up March 2022

Welcome to the Pen Pal Sign Up of March 2022.

I am bracing myself as I know this is going to be a popular #bringbackpaper activity! 

This is a chance to get yourself a pen pal or two. The pen pal sign up is by far the most popular of all of the Bring Back Paper activities that I run, as I think the idea of penning a few letters  appeals to so many of you and getting some mail is sure to brighten your day.

If you love the idea, but have never had a pen pal before, or it’s been a while, this video should help answer your questions, my top tips for pen pals

Read on if you fancy signing up and sending and receiving good old-fashioned snail mail……

How Does The Pen Pal Sign Up Work?

If you’d like to get a pen pal, you just need to send over the details to me that I’m requesting below.

I will sign people up as emails come through, in batches depending on how many I get in a flurry and how well matched you all are. I will reply to your sign up email with details of two people that you can now start writing to, when I have matched you up. Please bear with me with these emails as there will be a lot coming in to me and there is only me managing them all. I’d appreciate your patience with them, I will get round to them all!

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How Do I Get Involved?

If you would like to get involved and get some new pen pals, then please email me with the following information.

Please, please do remember to include it all, you’d be surprised by how many people don’t and as I get so many of these emails, it really makes a difference to send it all over as I need it in the format the first time to me, thanks.

It’s probably easiest to just copy and paste the bold type below onto your email and then you can fill in the details and you won’t forget anything. 

In this format, I need: 

Name and Address 
Email address
5 Hobbies/Interests/Likes
Whether you’d prefer to post within your own country or internationally (I can’t guarantee this as sometimes you could be the only sign up from your country, but this gives me a good guide as to your preferences. If you absolutely only want to post domestically, no matter the match, just let me know in your email)

Optional: Your age – some people like to specify, others don’t, it’s entirely up to you!

Extra note: If you have taken part before, let me know the names of any pen pals you write to from this activity. This should help me to avoid signing you up to the same person again. 

Email this over to me at [email protected] by the 21st March 2022 and I’ll pop your details into the mix. The sign up is open worldwide to over 18’s only. I will say that the vast majority of sign ups are women and I will usually sign you up with same gender pen pals unless you let me know on your email that you’re happy to write to anyone. 

Do feel free to join in if you’ve signed up to this before, there can never be any limits to the number of pen pals you can have! Keep your eye on your inbox after you have emailed and do make sure I haven’t sneaked into your junk mail as that has been known to happen. It is worth whitelisting my email address to avoid this. 

I popped a video over on my YouTube channel when I ran a pen pal sign up last year sharing more about it and how it works, so feel free to watch that for extra details and how I work it all out:

Get The Pen Pal Pack now and you’ll be ready to go as soon as you get that email! It has two designs of writing paper, fun pen pal templates to send, a happy mail tracker, pen pal log and a couple of tips sheets, perfect for getting to know your new pen pal.

The Pen Pal Pack

There are also a range of Pen Pal Fun Packs in store now and Pen Pal Trackers, do go check out those designs, perfect for your new pen pals! 

I always supply with you with your new pen pal’s email address, in case of difficulties. I don’t then keep details and records of these, so keep your pen pal email safe! 

I appreciate that for some there might be a delay in getting post out at the moment with various global restrictions, so you might choose to email your new pen pal initially. It is entirely up to you, but I would say that all of us should be aware that some letters might arrive later on due to restrictions.

What do you think? Would you like a pen pal?

You might also enjoy Getting Started with Snail Mail and What to Write to your Pen Pal and do check out my YouTube channel, sharing all things papery! 

If you’re new to Bring Back Paper, you can find out more about it all here. You can join our Facebook group here and you can sign up to join my mailing list below, for all the latest news, updates, ideas and activities. 


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