Pretty envelopes for snail mail

Pen Pal Sign Up November 2018

Hooray, welcome to the Pen Pal Sign Up November 2018!

This is a chance to get yourself a pen pal, or two or three. Of all of the Bring Back Paper activities that I run, I have to say that this is by far the most time-consuming and tricky to organise. It takes me hours to do this, but it’s also the one that makes so many people happy, so I just love it. I know how much it means to so many people when they get that pen pal and the snail mail starts flying about.

So do read on if you fancy signing up and sending and receiving good old-fashioned snail mail……

Pretty envelopes for snail mail

How Does The Pen Pal Sign Up Work?

If you’d like to get a pen pal, you just need to send over the details to me that I’m requesting below. At the deadline, 28th November 2018, I’ll take a look at those of you looking for pen pals, your hobbies and postage preferences, and then send over someone’s details for you to write to. The intention is that each of you will receive two people’s details that you can write to, and your own details will be passed to at least one other person.

How Do I Get Involved?

If you would like to get involved and get some new pen pals, then please email me with the following information. Please do remember to include it all, you’d be surprised by how many people don’t!

Name and Address details
5 Hobbies/Interests/Likes
Whether you’d prefer to post within your own country or internationally

Email this over to me at [email protected] by the 28th November and I’ll pop your details into the mix. The sign up is open worldwide to over 18’s only.

Do feel free to join in if you’ve signed up to this before, there can never be any limits to the number of pen pals you can have! Keep your eye on your inbox around the end of the month/start of December and do make sure I haven’t sneaked into your junk mail as that’s been known to happen.

What do you think? Would you like a pen pal?

You might also enjoy Getting Started with Snail Mail and What to Write to your Pen Pal and do check out my YouTube channel, sharing all things papery! We also have a Bring Back Paper Facebook group now, so come join us over there.

Pen pal sign up, pretty envelopes

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