Peoples Host Review – A Company I’d Recommend

Around eighteen months ago I had had enough of my blog hosts so I looked around to change over to someone else, someone better. At that time I was nervous about how difficult the whole process might be, but I was really pleased with how my new hosts, Peoples Host, handled it all and kept me informed throughout the process. I wrote ‘I switched web hosting and it wasn’t painful‘ back then if you’d like to read more about how it all went. Today I want to share this, Peoples Host Review – A Company I’d Recommend, as I cannot say enough good things about them.

Whilst I was really pleased with them at the outset, you just never know how it’s all going to pan out, do you? Well, I need not have worried, they remain brilliant and I am so pleased that I found them.

As I say, I have now been with Peoples Host for around eighteen months and in that time I have had the odd reason to contact them. When I have done so, several things have struck me about them:

– they respond very quickly to my queries.
– they reply in a friendly way. I am not great with the technical side, but they always explain things to me in ways that I can understand. No question is ever a stupid one.
– they go over and above each time. If they are helping me with something, they will go that extra mile and do a few extras for me at the same time, taking the problem completely away from me.

Their fees remain fair, I haven’t found them trying to up-sell everything to me and I genuinely feel that they are there to support me. I am completely relaxed about the technical elements of blogging, knowing that I have such a great hosting company there to advise and help me. It’s a relief and a stark contrast to my previous hosting company. It means that my time can be spent on creating content rather than spending hours trying to figure out back-end changes. It’s great!

I should say that I have not been requested to write this review at all, I just wanted to share my experiences with Peoples Host in the hope that this review reassures others to try them. I am an affiliate with them, again because I chose to be as I am happy to recommend and represent them.

Have you had any experiences with them? Or are you tempted to give them a try?

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