Peppa Pig Tablet Review

In our role as KD UK ambassadors, we’ve been testing out their Peppa Pig Tablet….

peppa pig tabletPeppa Pig Tablet

This fun tablet can be personalised with your child’s name, their favourite object, sport, activity and animation.

The tablet is packed full of 21 great games which are all accompanied by music from the show. Peppa will help guide your child through each of the games where they can learn about spelling, maths, logic, and develop core skills.

Activities include finding missing letters or the first letters of words, counting Peppa’s favourite objects, navigating through mazes, matching objects, finding the odd one out, race games and many more.

Age: 3 years +

It comes in a sturdy box, and easily slides out, with 3 batteries supplied

peppa pig tablet KD UK

This is the second KD UK toy we’ve reviewed (we also shared the Disney Frozen My Smartphone) and I do like the fact that they come with batteries supplied. It’s a little touch, but it really makes life easier with little ones, and though I do stock up on batteries (surely every household with small kids does?!) this is much appreciated.

There’s lots of activities packed into this one, which keeps Boo’s interest. The keypad is bright and the keys a good size for children’s fingers. It’s nice and slim and lightweight, so it’s been easy for the kids to carry about and to take out with us. The screen itself is quite small, but it’s big enough for the kids to see what they need to do, and I suppose any bigger and the keypad would be compromised, so I see this as the better solution.

Boo loves playing with this. It has so much there to hold her attention, and having started school in September, she loves a chance to spell and enjoys playing the maths games…

peppa pig tablet and Boo

Now, as regular readers will know, Boo is a huge TMNT fan, huge. So you’ll appreciate it when I tell you that she actually declined to go and watch her favourite show the other night, which she normally nags for on the way home from school, as she was too busy playing with this – what?!

For Little Man, it’s just about the music option at the moment. He’s a little too young to appreciate it’s capabilities, so it doesn’t hold his attention for long. Here he is playing with the music, and I apologise for the blurry shot of him – he has to dance as he does it, so an opportunity for a still shot never arises!

peppa pig tablet and Little Man

The Peppa Pig Tablet retails at £19.99, which I think is a good price for the range of activities available and how much it’s managed to hold Boo’s attention at 5. I suspect that Little Man (27 months) will better understand it in a few months time (and it is aimed at 3 years+) and if it then keeps him interested and occupied until he’s 5, then it’s a great value toy. I noticed that it’s currently a third off in Argos, too, so at £12.74 is a real bargain for any little Peppa fans!

Would this go down well in your household?

Disclosure: We received this FOC for the purposes of this review, though all words and opinions remain my own. 

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23 thoughts on “Peppa Pig Tablet Review”

    1. It’s really good! As I say, it’s a bit beyond Little Man at the moment, but he’ll soon grow into it and love it as much as Boo does! x

  1. This looks like so much fun, LP would LOVE to have her own PP tablet! Little Man would try and have a go too, I can imagine the squabbles already x

    1. Yes, Little Man’s just a smidge to young to make the most of it, and I know they;re a similar age. In a few months, though, I think he’ll be glued to it!

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