Perfect Christmas Gifts!

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Hmm, what could be the perfect Christmas gift, I hear you ask? Well, of course I’m going to say books! Today I wanted to remind you this is your last chance to get those Books2Door orders in as time is running out, how can Christmas really be less than a fortnight away now? I can’t think about it!

As you know, I love working with Books2Door as they have a huge range of books, all at great prices, and books at good prices are always going to make me smile.

The other appeal for me is how many boxsets and book series’ they sell. 

My kids read a lot, so when I find an author or genre that they enjoy, it’s handy to be able to offer them several books to keep them busy for a while.

At Christmas, and birthdays, they always receive books. I can’t imagine ever not buying them several, and I also love to receive a few myself (we won’t talk about my huge to be read pile, I will always need more.)

My daughter has read everything on her shelves, and is steadily making her way through my shelves now as I have a few YA trilogies that are keeping her busy. 

It’s actually the one pictured here that she’s currently devouring, Caraval is definitely a hit with her!

She’ll no doubt finish that very soon and I have one more boxset ready for her that I hope keeps her busy until Christmas. And then she’ll have more.

If you’re looking for recommendations for your child, my 13 year old daughter would definitely say Maze Runner, closely followed by Twilight, and then she also loved Good Girl’s Guide To Murder (as did I). These are great starting points and you can get them all from Books2Door now. 

My son will also have a couple of sets coming his way. 

He loves books about sport and funny books. Thought he is also a Twilight fan, we can’t get enough of those Cullens in our house!

He’s 10 and he would recommend Big Nate, Dog Man, Tom Gates and the Ultimate Football Heroes books. Again, you can order all of those from Books2Door, so they have you covered if you’re looking for those last minute gifts.

Books2Door boxsets


As I’ve mentioned here before, Books2Door have also launched a new delivery service which is well worth a look if you’re like us and often buying books. 

They offer a PLUS+ delivery service, with both Silver and Gold membership options.

You can pay an annual fee for all of your delivery costs, you just need to add your chosen membership to your cart when buying books to get going with this. Choose from:

PLUS+ SILVER = Pay a £6.95 one-off fee and get all orders delivered for the next 12 months (standard shipping, 3-5 working days)

PLUS+ GOLD = Pay a £9.95 one-off fee and get all orders delivered for the next 12 months (express shipping, 1-2 working days)

If you are looking for a few more last minute gifts, get ordering now. And do feel free to comment or message me over on social media if you’re after any other recommendations or general bookish chat as I am always happy to talk books!

What kind of books would your kids recommend?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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