A Perfect Ordinary Day

Boo started school this week, so on Monday, her last full day at home in the week with us for some time now, I wanted to make the most of it. I didn’t make big plans, or day trips, as we’ve had a fair few of those lately. I just wanted to do and enjoy the little things that we like to get up to together.

So, in the morning, while Little Man had his nap, it was all about painting. We’ve not done this for a while, and she does really enjoy it, so it was good to see her creative juices flowing. She did hand-print painting, and then asked me what to paint. I suggested the garden, thinking flowers and trees would be easy for her to draw. She was quite adamant that she wanted to paint an elephant!

elephant painting

I thought it was pretty good! We had to take this picture, so that we could send it to Daddy immediately for his verdict!

And then after lunch, we took to the park, for a stroll and a puddle-jump. We made sure to take a bag with us so that we could do a little blackberry picking on our walk. When it’s just the three of us, I often put Little Man in his pushchair if it’s a long walk, and then set him free for the playground! This time, he was clear that he wanted to walk, and so the three of us roamed and rambled. He waded in to pick blackberries, oblivious of the brambles, and he delighted in finding little puddles to splash in. Boo was focused on getting enough blackberries to have a decent snack when she got home!

blackberries picking

On our return, armed with blackberry snacks, we settled down to watch The Muppets (for the 50th time!) and played with Lego.

It was a simple, laidback day. I find it’s often these ordinary and uneventful days that are my favourites, and the ones that I’m hoping will form happy childhood memories for my two.

What sort of things do you like to get up to on your ‘ordinary and uneventful’ days?

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20 thoughts on “A Perfect Ordinary Day”

  1. I agree, it’s often the ‘ordinary’ days that are just as special as the big days out. It sounds lovely and my two love blackberry picking-we go to the canal at the end of our road for that. I love being able to walk from our house and through a little parkland to the canal-a simple thing but perfect for chatting x

  2. I agree that the “ordinary days” are the ones that sum up what their childhood is like, so it is lovely that these kind of days can bring so much pleasure.

  3. Oh just lovely and I totally agree, love the simple things, really been cherishing every moment before Oliver starts primary school next week! Time flies. Love this post! #countrykids

  4. I think it is the ordinary and uneventful days to us which are often the ones our children cherish and remember in years to come. My children always look fondly upon blackberry picking each year. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  5. That sounds like such a lovely, ordinary day. Our Ordinary days usually involve LP dragging a basket around TK Maxx, both babies whizzing round the aisles of sainsburys in the trolley, or driving to a local park for puddle jumping and slides. Every afternoon involves milk – sometimes chocolate milk – snack and a movie x

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