Pig Goes Pop – Review & Giveaway

We were delighted to receive a Pig Goes Pop game to play with and review for you recently.

Boo, now 4, is really taking an interest in games and has a few now. Little Man adores them, though he doesn’t really understand what he’s doing! It means that for both of them, this package was exciting!

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Pig Goes Pop
Feed the pig the burgers and pump up his tummy WITHOUT bursting open his coat!

On the roll of the colourful dice, children feed the pig with the requisite number of hamburgers, pushing his head down to make sure he swallows every mouthful!

Quite a few throws later, the ever-expanding pig will have reached max in the digestion stakes – and ‘explodes’, to everyone’s delight! His curly tail is then rewound … and the next round commences.

For 2 to 6 Players
Ages 4 & Up

My initial impressions were that I liked the bright, bold colours, and the easy containment factor. All of the burgers can be stored inside the pig, and it just pops easily back into the box – not all of their games do!

You get all of the little burgers out, with them face up so that the numbers on the base are hidden. You take it in turns to roll the dice, and then choose a corresponding coloured burger to pop into the pig’s mouth. Turn it upside down and check the number, the numbers range from 1-4, and that’s how many times you need to push the pig’s head down after you feed him his burger. Keep taking turns until someone makes him go pop! Once he has popped, it’s very easy to start again, as you simply push down his squiggly little tail at the back, close his belt and put his arms back down.

The children had fun putting it through it’s paces..

Pig Goes Pop

This was great for Boo, and the age recommendation is from 4 upwards. She grasped how to play it very quickly, and it’s a great lesson in basic game-playing, with us all taking turns and rolling the dice. She loved controlling who has the dice next, and telling us all whose turn it was. She enjoyed making him go pop, of course (it is cute the way that his tummy expands with every turn!), though I would say that she sometimes needed help pushing his head down firmly enough for it to make his tummy move. Not that that bothered her in the slightest, of course!

There are colours and numbers involved for younger children to master, too, so Little Man will no doubt learn from this game. As you can probably see from the photos, he loved feeding the burgers to the pig, and really enjoyed rolling the dice. I think this is great for his hand-eye coordination. At 19 months, he’s yet to grasp the full concept, but it’s a game that holds his attention very well, and he can join in and play along with the rest of us, even if he’s not too clear what he’s doing!

I like that we now have a game that both children can play, and on equal terms. It’s a game of chance, rather than skill, so Little Man is at no disadvantage, and they both really like playing it (in fact, it’s on our list of requested activities today!). They are also on the young side for it, so I can see that this will be one that we’ll be getting out and enjoying for some time to come. It’s also pleasingly robust, as my son can be a tad destructive, yet that pig remains perfectly intact! It’s a fun, quick game that all of the family can enjoy, and one that’s easy to set up and play, too. It gets a thumbs up from all of us.

I have one edition of Pip Goes Pop to give away to one lucky reader – hooray! All you need to do is complete the rafflecopter below to be in with a chance of winning. The competition ends 29th April 2014, open to UK residents only. Good luck!

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Disclaimer: I was sent a Pig Goes Pop free of charge for the purposes of this review. All words and opinions remain my own. 

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  1. love them all but got a soft spot for cows and chickens and pigs but i think thats because of food related things lol xxx

  2. Elizabeth Smith

    We have quite traditional farms round here, no giraffes! I like the pigs because they are pretty intelligent.

  3. my fav farm animal has to be a duck I love them but my lil girl is obsessed with moo cows haha 🙂

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