Pinypon Fairy Tales Toys Review

We have received a bundle of new toys here, and they are going down well so today I am sahring our Pinypon Fairy Tales Toys Review.

We have new Pinypon toys, from their Fairy Tales range…

Pinypon Fairy Tales Toys

We have the Pinypon Tales House Playset, two More Tales figures of Pinocchio and Rapunzel and the Prince and Princess playset.

Each character comes with their own pet and accessories, and the House also comes with a character, Cinderella and her rabbit.

To find out more about them and to see what they can do, check out the clip as the kids will show you far better than I can!

Pinypon Fairy Tales Toys Review

As I mention in the clip there, there is some set up to do with this one. It took me around twenty minutes to set the house up, clipping various bits in place and adding stickers to it.

I am not the most patient with things like this, so I’ll admit, I didn’t enjoy it! But, I am pleased to report that once I had done it, it was all fine and I wasn’t needed to pop anything back together, all worked as it should.

The Pinypon figures all just pop straight out of the packaging without anything to do or the need for scissors. None of these toys requires batteries, which always makes me happy.

The children are 7 and 4 and I think they are the right ages to enjoy playing with these and they do occupy them for quite some time as they make up little stories with them.

It’s early days, but the figures appear to very durable.

The Kids’ Thoughts
Well, as you’ll see in the video there, they really like these toys.

The figures are nice chunky characters to hold and as they are from well known fairy tales, the children are familiar with them. They like to act out their stories and then create their own spin-off tales, and enjoy being able to change the characters’ expressions and accessories to fit with the stories.

Little Man loves playing with Pinocchio and likes popping his long nose in and Boo likes that each figure has a sweet little pet to go with them.

They both like the playset as there are plenty of doors and windows to open and peep through, along with several items of furniture, kitchen equipment and accessories to play with.

Overall, they give it a big thumbs up.

So there you have it, our Pinypon Fairy Tales Toys Review. What do you think of these? Would your little ones enjoy playing with them?

Disclosure: We received the toys FOC for the purposes of this review


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  1. My girls would love these – they will spend hours engrossed in small world play and making up stories and these look perfect for that. Glad that Boo and Little Man are enjoying playing with them too. Anything that you can get out of the packaging without the need for scissors always gets a thumbs up from me! 🙂 #TriedTested

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