Pirate Sandpit Play

We were recently fortunate enough to receive a beautiful sandpit from Big Game Hunters. The kids have always enjoyed playing in the sandpit at my mum’s house, yet we’ve never got round to getting one for our garden, until now. I decided to make their first introduction to it a little bit different, and set up Pirate Play in there, as Little Man’s been really interested in all things pirate lately, singing the Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme tune a lot!

Items Needed:
An invitation to play – I printed this out from The Big Game Hunters blog, where there’s a whole post on hosting a pirate party, and I then used a tea bag to make it look brown and old, and signed it from Jake.
Pirate dress up
A pirate ship
Telescopes (well, that’ll be kitchen roll holders!)
Tin foil and/or gold cupcake cases
Treasure! We used some kids jewellery and Little Man’s favourite train

Here’s what I had, ready for the sandpit:

pirate sandpit play

I buried the treasure and set the scene, whilst Little Man was popping on his pirate attire, and Boo got herself a headscarf!

pirate sandpit play 1

So, all set up, Boo was first on the scene..

pirate sandpit play 3

Then Little Man Pirate was soon there, so they got to digging for treasure..

pirate sandpit play 4

It wasn’t long before Boo decided getting in there would be better for digging..

pirate sandpit play 6

Which meant that Little Man wasn’t far behind, and decided to take his pirate on adventures…

pirate sandpit play 7

And once all of the treasure was found, the two of them had fun exploring with the texture, scooping, digging, pouring, sprinkling and sailing that ship through the sea of sand!

pirate sandpit play 2

And as it clearly would, it wound up with them both sat in there, pouring sand over themselves!

pirate sandpit play 5

It was a great little game to play, and very easy to set up. Boo was particularly enamoured with the hunt, whilst Little Man was more wrapped up in his pirate play. The two of them were very happy in there, and I’d recommend the activity for any little pirates!

Disclosure: We received the sandpit FOC, though all play and post opinions are my own

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24 thoughts on “Pirate Sandpit Play”

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      It is a gorgeous sandpit. So well made, and I love how it’s just the right height to sit in and sit on. Thank you very much 🙂

  1. OHHHHH I love it! Such a good idea!!! I want to get one they can sit in. The hub returned with like a bucket. Was rubbish!! Glad they enjoyed it. We need a playdate! xxx

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      They love sitting in there together… and pouring sand over each other’s head…! Yes, playdate! x

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